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Cory quit trying to stir shit up just because your team got low number and guys that no other team wants. Should have stayed out of the way. What exp. you got you have never played football in your life. No high school not even peewee. You rode the bench 1 year as a pirate and now you think your a head coach? What a joke. You will not get a single win this season I predict an early fold by the knighthawks.


First and foremost, whoever you are, I'm not the one posting anything on Supafan, and I have nothing bad to say about the Tornados! I wish them well, like I wish the rest of the teams in the Indianapolis area well. I'm not Da Weather Man, nor do I know what's going on with other teams' offense. I have my own offense to worry about.
And it's Nighthawks, no K... K?


Eye think this guy may not have got the playing time he expected. Eye think this guy may feel like he was used, but realistically may have been washed up. Eye don't know. This post just sounds more like a whiny rant from a disgruntle X-player, but Eye could be wrong. Eye do find it troubling that the Tornadoes have NO fight. That is TWO losses in a row! Where is all the %*&# talkers now? Eye told teams to put up or STFU! Eye guess they listened! Eye see a changing of the guard, Crusaders, Nighthawks!