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Re: Looking for home game June 23rd..

I peepd wat they got, and they got 14 starters back from last yrs team...ill name them if you want thats more than a shell...they lost hibb but got eric who is a baller, they lose wrs but defense is almost the same..and hurd rumors the winds blowing in new players...good players. Hurd they oly charge $50 to play, workin indy 500, brickyard, and others...sounds like they makin moves were otha teams cant compete off the field, could be bs or could be legit. My prediction they will as good or be better than last yrs team. Also hurd Jt was out there Tuesday helpin out. Sleep on the giant till they wake up. Wat i see is that they keep gettin jabbed at and dont respond, that could be a bad thing or a sneaky good thing. They aint postin what they doing, preseason games that i know they gopt comin up, no updated they website, wait and see wait ansd see. I think its a sneaky good thing. LIMA - they numbers on they website.

Re: Looking for home game June 23rd..

We can go there if you want.
I have seen the 14 total players they have. They have lost 9 of 11 starters on offense. Also have lost all key back ups. so lets recap the offense of losses. QB MVP of the league gone. RB's first second and third string gone. WR's all starters and back ups gone. TE's all gone. oline 2 of 8 are there the rest are gone.
Now defense- SS gone, CB's gone, LB depth gone, DE's gone. hell lets even look at special team. all that depth and your kickers are gone!
Yeah you will have as good of year as last year or better lmao. You sir are crazy. the MSFL is a man up league and youy guys are just a punching bag now. And for JT don't think for one second he will be out there helping. His ego wont let him just "help out".

Re: Looking for home game June 23rd..

it was over till Happy gilmore learned how to putt. breezy breezy. watt league u play for?