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Re: Predictions?

Well what is the forcast for football on saturday that is the question, or is it. Checked out a few teams practices this week and must say I am still unsure if any of the Indy teams of right now are going to dominate. Players are on so many different teams now from years past that it will be interesting to see. My radar is detecting some storms rising in the Eagles camp as well as the Destroyer and Nighthawks.. You may become the rescue teams for some wounded from the Tornados that will not touch land in the red zone. Somebody please save this false hope that your team is the TOP DOG when all you do is bark.. O and as of late since Eye in the sky has said put up on shut up no one has had the Balls to TALK SO I SUGGEST U KEEP IT THAT WAY..Cause in your world another lost starting out means YOU better find another person to give the pre/post bla bla bla sav-your(self) speech from the Old man....

Re: Predictions?

Hmm...Wonder who this could be? No prediction just slandering comments at 2am! The wheather man is always wrong btw. hate those guys

Re: Predictions?

Columbus Fire 7
Indiana Tornados 0