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Important MSFL Radio Show on 05-14-2012

If you listen to one show this year, make it this one. We have planned in the past to do a in depth show on the long term effect on concussions. With the combined minor league football experience of the two host equaling 43 years it is almost begrudgingly done. Is all the recent hype of two NFL players suicides which are being based on CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) just that: hype? Or are all of us who passionately love this game at risk for a long and difficult life of brain trauma brought on from years of head to head contact?
We speak to a doctor about the effect of concussions as well as a salesmen from Ridell to see if there is something that can be done to combat the risk and if there is something to CTE or is it just the newest trend in the sissification of America as many (not myself) have suggested.

With the very sad news of the passing of a fellow minor league player perhaps there is no better time to have this discussion so long on or call in at 646-915-9914

Dennis Morris
Minor League Football News Hall Of Fame "Class Of 2009"
AFA Hall Of Fame "Class of 2010"
American Football News Hall of Fame "Class of 2011"

Re: Important MSFL Radio Show on 05-14-2012

I am sorry I forgot to put the shows time. Show starts 8PM CST to 10PM CST or 9PM EST to 11PM EST.