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College football eligibility

Can you still be eligible for lower level college football like div 1aa div 2 div 3 or NAIA if you play semi pro football before?

I know that if you play semi pro football after you turn 21 then you lose a season of eligibility in div 1a but what about the lower level teams?

Re: College football eligibility

I know I played for the marines, and then played semi pro for the Fort Wayne Flyers and I was 24 yrs of age, and I went to college to play ball. It was a Div3 school but I had a scholoship to Div1 also I just turned it down for family reasons. But both Coaches told me I had all 4 yrs of eligibility

Re: College football eligibility

There is an NCAA Athlete Eligibility center that you can call to be sure, but semi-pro is Amateur football. It does not mess with your years of eligibility because you dont get paid.

Re: College football eligibility

Thank you guys