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Panther Pride

IFL Reporter you said it right we are all out here for the same reason, the love of the game and we all have families and jobs through the week, they call us weekend warriors, we need to all act like the worriors we are titled and lead and give the kids and community we represent people to look up to. We are all winners at the end of the day. The game will be played at the Indiana Deaf School. Thanks to the semi pro football world as a entire for supporting the Coleman family and Panthers:: Panther Head Coach - Zeb Sutton

Re: Panther Pride

your oganization this class act coach. Good luck o on your season

Re: Panther Pride

jay county panthers you guys have the spotlight on you guys so make used of it. david coleman died on the field for the sport that he loves. he would want you guys to move on and play and win a ring this year. use this preseason to get you a guy offense in defense on the same track. I know I know some of you guys quit but there is no need for that .what happened to dave happen once in a million. Me hearing some of you guys quit!! why? David didnt!! In fact he die playing sothink before you hang it up. I will be @ game againts the Destroyers!! Win or lose preseason is where you get better so use it.

Ifl reporter

Mike woodson