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2012 IFL, CRFL, MSFL, GDFL season

Just to answer some personal emails, YES (we) will be covering some games this year, but in limited capacity...but ALWAYS glad to lend a lending hand to all who are kind enough to lend a listeneing ear.

Look to get to Ohio to get some coverage of the defending champs of the CRFL while a look into the Triggs Tornado Troops camp here in Indy, (can I call that triple T? nah...corny) along with the progress of the Indy Eagles and the Crusaders as well as the "Life After JT" era with the Indy Generals.

We also look forward to a trip a bit further north to see cap'n Jack's team and the anticipation of a very good season from the Muncie Revolution!

I must say I have been to each camp at least once and then had some colleagues visit later and ALL look much more promising than earlier, which is to be expected.

The Vhack email many of you had from last year was v'hacked' so I will have a new one up for this season.

Thanks to those who inquired about us doing work with the league again, and always welcome new news - even from Old friends.

Thanks all!


Re: 2012 IFL, CRFL, MSFL, GDFL season

Vince, my friend. I haven't totally changed sports. "Baseball been very, very good to me", but the heart still desires names I can almost pronounce. (Damn, spanish names are a pain!)

And since our beloved Mustangs have folded several of us have found new fields to play on.

Send me an email if you need my help this year. I do have some open Saturday's where my "new team" is on the road and the Silver Hawks are playing away from the Cove.

Mike K

Re: 2012 IFL, CRFL, MSFL, GDFL season

Good to see you back, I haven't been participating in the boards because everything has been hijacked. Can't wait to read some of your stuff and be sure to make it to Terre Haute sometime, you'll be impressed!

Re: 2012 IFL, CRFL, MSFL, GDFL season

Yeah it's all messed up. Good to see you back Vince. Also looking forward to your post. Don't forget about us Tornados. Things aren't always what they seem!


Re: 2012 IFL, CRFL, MSFL, GDFL season

Mike (the voice variety) I will be in touch, my good man!

Landry. We have you on schedule in a few weeks. Looking forward to it. Always a pleasure!

MP48 - We can NEVER forget about the Tornadoes and we are very aware of the talent and prestige the team brings to the league and city- both coaches and players! See you soon!

Gees, I said limited, and here I am getting excited & calling crews to get ready. My wife is going to kill me - but it's either die by her hand or beer.

I supposed getting killed by what I love is good either way. Right??


Re: 2012 IFL, CRFL, MSFL, GDFL season

Vince - your still have a spot on the state rankings if you wish to continue. Email us.