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All Good Things...

Must come to an end. Or at least begin to fade away.

I began this project more than ten years ago so that there would be a place where players and fans to come to share the details of their exploits, their plans for the season, and perhaps more than anything --to share their common love for the game.

Imperfect as it is, I regard this forum as a success in those regards. I am proud to have made lifelong friends and to have provided a voice of objectivity when feuds emerged- and to predict some GREAT football games. I got to watch a lot of great football, and no so long ago- I got to play some great football, too.

It's been a privilege to call games every summer for the last decade, but it is time for me to begin to fade into the background. My circumstances won't allow me to catch as many games as I would hope, and though I still get lots of regular updates from my informants out in the field- shouts out to the fellas who know who they are- I just can't put the time into making the predictions that many of you have come to expect every Friday morning during the Summer and Early Fall.

It will be a long, long time until I disappear, I assure you of that, and there's a good chance that I may still have a prediction or two in me. But I did want to take the time to say thanks to all of you for helping build this community and for your willingness to share the details of your games and your experiences. And to share your lives with each other. I am proud to say that this community has helped a lot people through a lot of tough times on and off the field.

I will still be around here most days, but hanging out in the background and sharing thoughts from time to time. I'm turning over day-to-day responsibilities to a trusted fellow lover of the game. Someone who's never posted here before, but knows the community well and who will keep things in check if it need be. More than anything, the new boss shares the mission of this forum and you all will be in great hands going forward. I believe you will all be introduced soon.

So in closing (for now), I wanted to appeal to your collective better angels. To ask you to please keep this community the best it can be. Seasons and players, and teams, and yes, even leagues, have come and gone, but this place has remained. If you folks put your love for the game and each other first, it will stay around for years to come.

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

And in all you do, on the field and off, make your mommas proud.

Re: All Good Things...

SALUTE! to you Supa!

I appreciate your longevity, your patience and the consistency of your principles. I also enjoy how you would occasionally drop a line for current issues, events, and happenings. Additionally, although no prognosticator can be perfect, I am still amazed at your uncanny ability to be correct more than incorrect.

I wish you 'Bon Chance' in all your future endeavors. As you would say... Be safe and make your Momma proud!

HBC aka Former Coach Dane Hill

Re: All Good Things...

Have a good one old friend....

Re: All Good Things...

It's been real Supa & an awesome journey! As an 8 year veteran of Supafan it is amazing how this site has impacted Semi-Pro of the Midwest! It seemed like when anything 'Big' happened in Semi-Pro in practice or @ a game, players would rush home to try & be the first to post the breaking news. Now people just post it by their phones!

Great rivalries, great teams & great people would of never been known without the world of Supaland. People would of never known about the great powers of Dane Hill unless they were lucky enough to be coached by him, the team known as "The Fastest Show on Grass" would of been a unknown & some rivalries would of never existed without this site because they were started through comments posted on these threads.

The Midwest Semi-Pro World could not & would not be where it is today with out you, Supafan, & the world you built. We all thank you for your long term commitment & time & hope that we get to continue to hear your words of wisdom.

I do happen want to hold you to one thing you promised. When, & if, the Dallas Cowboys do happen to win the Super Bowl, that you will reveal to Supaland who you are??? (You didn't think that promise would just go away did ya?) LOL

Re: All Good Things...

Form above, the Eye in the Sky sheds tears. Happy Trail Supa! Says Eye!


Re: All Good Things...

Good riddance.


Re: All Good Things...

So long, old friend.

Missed, never forgotten, always thought of.


Re: All Good Things...

FACT is- you sir, will be missed!! Good luck to you and what ever life brings you.

Re: All Good Things...

Matt Steele still gets on here??? Miss hearing from ya Matt, when are you coming back?

Re: All Good Things...

Say it ain't so!!!

Well, maybe you deserve a break Supa. Besides it has to be a little stressfull reading on the post on here and watching this sight go from "teams" posting some great conversations and topics on here to a bunch of, shall we say, "testicle challenged" wanna be's thinking they have what it takes to "Be the MAN". (damn guys...if you're gonna call someone out, then post you name so those who still play can give you a go, or old farts like me can sit back and say, that guy's "the man" or that guy's an idiot.)

Anyway, Supa I will miss you. I have been on this sight since the days of the DC Warriors and I have always admired how you handled this. You let people have their say, tried not to interfere, and always promoted the sport we all love. And you gave props where they deserved and called situations, good or bad, like they really are.

May the good Lord bless you, and as you remind us with every prediction, "Supa, you made your momma proud"

Mike K

Re: All Good Things...

From the mornings you made me happy where I couldn't wait to wake up to see what you had predicted for us lol and the mornings you made me mad when I would wake up with a note saying they will be posted friday evening I can say what you did for this site won't be forgotten! Take care supa

Petre OUT!

Re: All Good Things...

Not a better cat on or off the field period. "Mystery" is defined as; One who is not fully understood or baffles, One whose identity is unknown and arouses curiosity and finally my favorite, The skills, lore, or practices that are peculiar to a particular activity or group and are regarded as the special province of initiates. Think on that last one. Supa, good to know you and thank you for all you have done for Football, and will still continue to do. Crazy world, think what might not have happened had it not been for your thoughts in communication, words of wisdom and at times your hidden resolve. Good luck to you my friend in what lies ahead! Everyone watch "Dark Knight Rises", you'll figure out who Supa is.... Hemi, Live from Utah....OUT!!

Re: All Good Things...

Thanks Supa, for spreading knowledge of Indiana teams and especially the smaller teams in both Indiana and Ohio. You have done a TON for semi-pro in both states. You will be missed, and thanks for your support of Lima Warriors football!

Re: All Good Things...

I have checked this site for a long time, from my Elkhart Grizzlies, South Bend Stampede, Longhorns, Shamrocks,Miami Valley Warriors to the Wolfpack playing days. You will be missed .

Re: All Good Things...

Well my friend now you can see things from my side of the fence. Eventually it catches up with you whether its age, family commitments or just the plain BS of Semi Pro, you just have to make a clean break and walk away. Thank you for all that you have done for the sport. You were always in our corner and called it like you saw it, good or bad. You gave so many players in this state a sense of pride for their commitment each week. We're all grateful for your efforts and hard work. Take care and good luck with you future endeavors.


Re: All Good Things...

Thanks for all of the love, folks. Please take some of that love and appreciation and to the extent you're able, please help make our community here the best it can be. Take the time to share your wisdom and your insights and share it with our community.

Health, Growth, and Love to all for 2013.

Re: All Good Things...

Say it ain't so supa... I've haven't play since the patriots and just got back in it, I love this forum