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Re: Just curious

Due diligence
Just show the film. The longer you take, the less credibility it has. SHOW THE FILM!

Theres probably a good chance revo camp will show the film to other crfl board members before anyone on supafan gets to see it They have to convince them before the members on this site. . .

Re: Just curious

Supra is leaving the site in the hands of someone he trust. Maybe that person has affiliation with the person who is getting all this negative press. Maybe this person is on the Crusaders & runs another site. Think about it.

Re: Just curious

Eye SEE Eye am not the only one feeling this way. Eye just think it is strange that Eye have read dirt on other teams and the RED flag goes up now. Did the site get left in the hands of someone with an affiliation? Eye would think it is. Why else would something like this happen now? Eye think something stinks. Eye assume nobody is safe now. Big Brother is not SUPA anymore, and this new person obviously has an agenda. Watch out! This is bigger than someone hating the Crusaders....but it does seem someone with SUPAFAN ties just protected you through CENSORSHIP! Ultimately the CRFL board have to decide on there issues, however, EYE am curious to SEE if there is a ongoing issue with this squad/ individual, if there is any at all. Eye agree. Show the video. Especially after one wasn't produced showing said offender in the Spartan vs Crusader case. Yet here we are again. Same name, same accusation. Says Eye!


Re: Just curious

T.J. Swain

Show us the damn video.

Re: Just curious

Checking my resources & doing my investigation on the mystery of "The Disappearing Thread". It cost me a box of Scooby Snacks & a half a tank of gas in the Mystery Machine but it seems like the thread was removed from Supa himself, but I am still a bit speculative.

I am not going to say Supa has never removed a thread in the past, but it would have to get pretty nasty. (I think last time I remember it happening was in 2006) So just maybe this thread might have just got that ugly last night after I went to sleep.

"Supa Style" would be install a lock on the thread, where only people would be allowed to view the thread but would no longer be able to post. Then Supa would add the final post to that thread explaining how he disapproves where the thread was leading & would go into emphasizing the intended purposes of this board & why we play the game.

As far as fighting goes @ the Crusaders @ Revolution Game, there was none. Was there late hits & late whistles? Yes. Was there poor officiating? Isn't there always? Was there a fight? There was one Revolution Player that struck a Crusader Player after the game. I know the two players involved & I will not be the one to mention their names because it is not important. With the Crusader's circumstances of being on probation, a chance for retaliation is not possible. The game was a great defensive battle.

I do know there was a game in the CRFL that did end in a fight. I guess since it does not involve the Generals, Tornados, Crusaders or Spartans it is not Supaland worthy material. I must ask why not? Why do we have to focus all our attention on just these teams? I think primarily the reason why is that this message board is filled with members of these organizations & for some reason they sit back & try & destroy each other while other teams sit back & watch & enjoy the show!

For example: The Crush took my advice, took advantage of the Panther bye week, traveled to film & take notes of the Crusader @ Revolution game only to get embarrassed of the league they play in.

Can you not see the big picture or are we just having to fun to care. We are destroying each other. We are destroying semi-pro football. We are our own worst enemies. Because of the bashing & slandering on this message board, we are ruining quality teams, quality leagues & quality people. Everyone is doing what they are doing for one thing, the love of the game.

Regardless on how easy you might think the Tornados schedule you think it may be, they are going up against teams that have the same recruitment capabilities & roster regulations as the Tornados to put the best team they can together. If you are a Tornado player, you should be proud of all your accomplishments, I would be too.

Generals, this organization has been around along time (2002), been in 4 different leagues & has gone through I think 6 different head coaches. They have passed the test of time & has suffered several sacrifices in order to that. Generals went from 2-8 seasons to a Championship Team. You have to respect the Generals for their accomplishments, I do.

Crusaders, the new kids on the block. A few guys get together & try to make the best out of a semi-pro team that they possibly can. Finally a team built for the players. A team that is trying to set the par for semi-pro, "Go Big or Go Home". I wish I had a dime for every FaceBook post or post on here that ended with C-Nation. Everyone on this teams bleeds Gold & they all BELIEVE. I believe in Gold too.

It is so fun & easy for everyone to pick a part the top dogs, try & find the weak spots & rub salt in the wounds. But it takes a man, a person with maturity, to sit back & respect each team for who & what they are. Respecting these teams should be easy since they all play in different leagues, but I also show the team I play against, the exact same respect. Being from Indianapolis, through the years we have learned to hate the New England Patriots. But you still must respect Bill Belichick & their Organization for their accomplishments.

You want to be a better player? You want to go up to a higher level? It all starts here. You have to have this mentality to do so. I respect every team, every player, every coach (& definitely every cheerleader) that takes the field on game day no matter what league or team they play for. I think it is time for everyone else to start doing so too, you might just surprise yourself on how much respect you will earn back.

Re: Just curious

I was at the game, other obiligations aside, you can definitely sense a sort of biased from the way the refs officated the game. the game was called very poorly, and the calls wasnt "consistent". I can see how the Revolution can feel they got cheated, it defeintely looked that way to me personally. By having the Commissioner playing on the opposing team just makes things that much more interesting because who knows if these guys have personal relations with these refs, or monitarily motivated these guys...who knows! but that game Saturday should be investigated, the leagues commissioner should not be allowed to play in the league in which he reigned as commissioner. This league just dont seem elite in my book, after scouting a couple guys that played in that game, i dont think either team is any good.
Now, regards to fighting...i saw what looked like an upset parent RUN on the field to check out a hurt player, then started cursing and yelling at the Revo defense as if the injury was purposely intended...after the game two guys got into alittle scuffle in which the authorities had to be in assistance. No arrest were made.
This is not what i would want my kid to witness, it wasnt a family atmosphere, it wasnt a good place to watch great football.

Re: Just curious

enough already
T.J. Swain

Show us the damn video.

Oooh, someone knows my real name *so scared*. I wasnt the one filming nor was it my camera. Im assuming were gonna send it to the board for review, your gonna have to wait for the news like the rest of us. You got a problem with it, take it up with owner or camera/film, not me

Re: Just curious

with supa taking leave i bet it was out good ole friend Indiana Semi Pro football AKA JJ the one the thread was about

Re: Just curious

Please read my thread above if you need further explanation. I'm sorry that some of you are confused about what constitutes acceptable behavior on this board and we simply need to do better. While some of you seem fixated on the content or substance of what was deleted, almost no one seems to notice the ugly and nasty FORM of what was being discussed. As far as I am concerned, there are very very very few- almost no - topics that are off limits. It's HOW you go about discussing them that is the problem.

Discussing a given game -even the ugly parts of it (a fight, etc) - is what this board is about. That's great- that is what it is here for. Let's see if we can't concentrate that discussion on how we might avoid those ugly parts in the future. Things like brawls in a football game are exactly the kind of thing that turns off sponsors, school and park administrators, fans, and communities in general. They're the kinds of things that make the game harder for all of us.

And you know what else drags down our reputation and hurts the game? Talking crazy mess on a messageboard and attacking folk personally and finding a way to render yourself and your teammates without responsibility.

Please, just clean it up. There is no conspiracy- the world isn't against you. You're just not meeting the standards of reasonable discussion.

You've been warned.


the refs was doing a poor job when we played the crusaders and i was kick out for the season for playin to intense and playin whistle to whistle, come on this team is still fighting and still aint out the league but u kicc me out hahah suspension should be removed and i should still be out there on that field wit ma team playin the game i love. mr.intense tri-city #7

Re: ???????

I think one of the main reasons that refs are so hesitant to throw flags is because from the time they start the game they are hearing all kinds of trash talk and players running their mouths in some games and to be honest it is uncalled for.
I have heard more trash talk and disrespectful chatter this year than any of my proir years involved in football. In short there is a complete lack of respect for the game, the other team,facilities or other leagues.
Leagues are set up to be able to do their own thing thus you have a league like the crfl that has a low player roster limit and then you have the ifl where the play is considered to be a notch or two higher than that of the crfl and then you have the leagues like the msfl where play is supposed to be a couple notches higher than that if the ifl HOWEVER let me say that on any given Saturday night any team from any league could pull out a win over a team in the "higher" league.
Mr. Intense I'm sure you are a players that gives 100% all the time in practice and on the field but I'm also sure there was not one team that suspended you but rather your league and the members of that league. Those who looked at the video came up with the suspensions and the league Vice President handed them down. That was week two it is now week 6 and I'm pretty sure nothing is going to be reversed right or wrong.
Players play the game the way it is intended to be playyed and SHOW EVERYONE RESPECT
Coaches and Player: REMEMBER THERE ARE FAMILIES AND CHILDREN IN THE STANDS. These children look up to you all as HERO'S don't let them down.
Last but least to the fans YOU SHOW RESPECT TO THE TEAMS AND ALL PLAYERS AS WELL. You are out on a Saturday night to watch football not get involved in shouting matches and tantrums.
Now I hoep that everyone sees a little of what I'm trying to say here the key word is respect and respect starts with each one of US!!!!

Re: Just curious

No, there was not a fight. After the game and after going through the line shaking hands, a Crusader was punched in the facemask by a Revolution player. That player acted on his own, and as soon as the punch was thrown both teams pulled their players away from eachother and headed back to their sidelines. The Crusader player made no move to strike back. Neither team rushed the field or tried to attack the other. Both teams stayed on their sidelines. Security was present, in accordance to CRFL rules, and did talk to the struck player. No charges where filed. Both players left the field and the parking lot without any other altercations. As I was two feet from the entire thing, I saw it all, know who was involved, and can tell you with certainty that that is EXACTLY what happened.

I would like to commend the Revolution team for their actions in restraining their player and working to avoid any fighting. It was obvious that their team had no desire to fight and took every action to stop what was a lone player's agression towards another person. Emotions where high after the game, as they always are, but they kept theirs in check during the incident and acted appropriately. Both teams left the incident up to their coaches to deal with, as was appropriate.

Again, this incident was not a fight. It was one person loosing their temper and EVERYONE working together to stop anything else from happening. You can't perfectly control all people on the team. What matters is how the teams as acted towards the incident. Neither team went out for a fight, neither team got into one, and both teams kept one from happening. If the CRFL wants a testimony from a witness, I will give them the exact same account with my exact same praise towards the Revolution players that grabbed their angry teammate and pulled him back to their side.

Re: Just curious

Well, if a cru player say's "take my word for it" it must be true, I mean why would he lie about something like that?