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Re: Just curious

I was at the game, other obiligations aside, you can definitely sense a sort of biased from the way the refs officated the game. the game was called very poorly, and the calls wasnt "consistent". I can see how the Revolution can feel they got cheated, it defeintely looked that way to me personally. By having the Commissioner playing on the opposing team just makes things that much more interesting because who knows if these guys have personal relations with these refs, or monitarily motivated these guys...who knows! but that game Saturday should be investigated, the leagues commissioner should not be allowed to play in the league in which he reigned as commissioner. This league just dont seem elite in my book, after scouting a couple guys that played in that game, i dont think either team is any good.
Now, regards to fighting...i saw what looked like an upset parent RUN on the field to check out a hurt player, then started cursing and yelling at the Revo defense as if the injury was purposely intended...after the game two guys got into alittle scuffle in which the authorities had to be in assistance. No arrest were made.
This is not what i would want my kid to witness, it wasnt a family atmosphere, it wasnt a good place to watch great football.

Re: Just curious

No, there was not a fight. After the game and after going through the line shaking hands, a Crusader was punched in the facemask by a Revolution player. That player acted on his own, and as soon as the punch was thrown both teams pulled their players away from eachother and headed back to their sidelines. The Crusader player made no move to strike back. Neither team rushed the field or tried to attack the other. Both teams stayed on their sidelines. Security was present, in accordance to CRFL rules, and did talk to the struck player. No charges where filed. Both players left the field and the parking lot without any other altercations. As I was two feet from the entire thing, I saw it all, know who was involved, and can tell you with certainty that that is EXACTLY what happened.

I would like to commend the Revolution team for their actions in restraining their player and working to avoid any fighting. It was obvious that their team had no desire to fight and took every action to stop what was a lone player's agression towards another person. Emotions where high after the game, as they always are, but they kept theirs in check during the incident and acted appropriately. Both teams left the incident up to their coaches to deal with, as was appropriate.

Again, this incident was not a fight. It was one person loosing their temper and EVERYONE working together to stop anything else from happening. You can't perfectly control all people on the team. What matters is how the teams as acted towards the incident. Neither team went out for a fight, neither team got into one, and both teams kept one from happening. If the CRFL wants a testimony from a witness, I will give them the exact same account with my exact same praise towards the Revolution players that grabbed their angry teammate and pulled him back to their side.

Re: Just curious

Well, if a cru player say's "take my word for it" it must be true, I mean why would he lie about something like that?