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Re: Clean it Up Or Get Zapped

Eye in the Sky
Eye say....whatever! If some of you weren't so soft, this wouldn't be an issue. Censorship is soooooo not the way. Eye say hit em in the mouth on the field is the only way to the promise land. Haters gone hate, conspirator will conspire, but so what. That is their job. You may as well shut the board down, or fix it so that you have to use your real name. AND furthermore, after reading your post again, Eye am really not feeling you at all. You say clean up the language, then end your post cursing. Who are you protecting Supa. That is a legit question. Yes this is your page, but you just recently sat through the worst month of posting and said nothing. ie: Crusaders vs Spartans. Now you emerge like you been on vacation for 4 months and snatch down post and issue a warning. What? You just saw the light or something? Says Eye!


Exactly! There was serious slander taking place, some being racist...nothing was done! I am not really sure why the thread he deleted got removed? Everyone has the same question! Day after Crusader/Spartan game suspensions were handed down! It is now Tuesday...nothing has been done! #7 is done because of 2 questionable hits and defending himself...but it is said there was at least 5 late hits and that same certain someone defended himself!! Punishment still not handed out? The rules don't apply in this case? Some people take the attacks too far and I get that! I was always taught to lead by if CRFL leaders act as they do, wht do we expect from the rest! This league has talent, but poor leadership! You can't have an agenda and be on the board! Let alone the commish or asst commish!