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Re: travesty

Now I don't know about some of these guys, but I know that coaches from the Hitmen were good people. I played at least one season and more than one season with most of them.

I know that Dave and Tom did the best they could with what they had.

And again, as for the racist thing, I don't know any of these other coaches so I won't speak on them. But I know that I never once, not one time ever heard or saw the Hitmen coaching staff favor a player based on a racial issue or making sure their buddies played.

But B.S. I'm sorry you feel that way man. It sounds like something happened and took your love of the game away and that sucks. But I will tell you one story and I won't use any names.

I know we had a player on a 574 team who was given every opportunity to succeed. He played offense and couldn't produce, but he was a good athlete, strong, quick, so they moved him to defense and he just never really picked that up either. Then when he left the team he told people that "Players weren't on his level."

No "I need to get better?" or "What can I improve on?"

Again, this isn't everybody, but an attitude like that can be cancer to a football team and it can spread twice as fast.

Now as for the coaches around these parts, man there have been some bad ones. Guys who just had no clue. I think of a certain pastor who stole our money and ran off to Illinois. Or a few other guys who didn't understand that in Cover 2 nobody has man to man assignments. But I've also witnessed coaches who genuinely cared about players. Even helping them with situations that had NOTHING to do with football.

And I realize some of this could been seen as bias because I've played more than a decade with Coach Dave and have known Tom since the Stampede days, but I'm just calling it like I say it and as always, I could be wrong.