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Re: All Good Things...

Well my friend now you can see things from my side of the fence. Eventually it catches up with you whether its age, family commitments or just the plain BS of Semi Pro, you just have to make a clean break and walk away. Thank you for all that you have done for the sport. You were always in our corner and called it like you saw it, good or bad. You gave so many players in this state a sense of pride for their commitment each week. We're all grateful for your efforts and hard work. Take care and good luck with you future endeavors.


Re: All Good Things...

Thanks for all of the love, folks. Please take some of that love and appreciation and to the extent you're able, please help make our community here the best it can be. Take the time to share your wisdom and your insights and share it with our community.

Health, Growth, and Love to all for 2013.

Re: All Good Things...

Say it ain't so supa... I've haven't play since the patriots and just got back in it, I love this forum