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Re: CRFL/IFL mid season

who dat
DreKey #42 of the Indiana Cutters
im not goin to say anything bout the crfl, imma leave that up to the play on the field, but imma say something about the IFL. people keep giving the wildcats the ship, I want to know why like honest no bashing question. because wolfpack are undefeated, and the extreme but the cats. so why wouldnt the ship be the wolfpacks or the extremes. just wanting to know. honestly at the beginning of the season I thought it would be the wolfpack or the wildcats, but with the extreme beating the might cats, i gotta put them in the race now

The reason the ship goes through WCW is because they are the CHAMPS until someone knocks them off and dethrones them. I will not make any excuses for the WCW, they lost, however they are still the champs until they are either out of the playoffs, beaten in the playoffs, or are out of the league and since they are in the league, still in the playoff hunt and still rolling then they are the champs

The question was who was the team to beat based off of half of the 2012 season being played not what a team did last yr. If you live off of the previous seasons then the Generals or whomever did really well last yr should always be ranked at the top of the charts all season long till they are put out of the playoffs, according to your theory. So with that being said IFL wise, the race looks to be between the Wolfpack, Xtreme, and Wildcats. I see a rematch of Xtreme and Wolfpack in the championship game, and the Xtreme coming out on top.
CRFL wise I see it coming down to either the Crush vs Crusaders. That game is a tough one to call.

well they play in a couple weeks, so we shall see