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Re: whos #1 ?

validation required

You get a gold star for knowing my name! How did you find out? You must be so smart. You obviously didnt see the last post about the (dead) issue. I wasnt the one filming. So quit asking me for it, if your so anxious to see it find the owner of the camera. Funny how you keep asking, nice to see some people on here dont listen. You have fun sounding like a broken record while im focusing on next weeks opponent.

One more thing, wheres YOUR validation? Just curious

Re: whos #1 ?

To coach Adams -you owe your soul to the darkside for this win and you offense owes 6 touchdowns over the next 2 games or you will be praying for forgiveness . Your quarterback #8 took 2 big hits and got up unshaken and has an evil ability to read defenses and perform. I could make him taller but then again dynamite is in small packages. It's all on the offense to score big rest of year or it will be a barely won respective championship.