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Re: CRFL games for 8-4-12

IMPOSTER! Shall you be vanquished to the dark pit from whence you came. Thy voice is weak. The smell of weakness presses out of your pores. You, Vile Scorge, will never, shall never, can NEVER be Eye. Your "Hill Jack" education, where your 1st period class was listed as Foreign Language was a cover up. They should have titled it correctly, "How to FRENCH kiss your COUSINS and KEEP it in the FAMILY.", won't allow you to match wits with EYE! Eye will stop, for this rant could truly get ugly. Trust it would be BAN WORTHY if Eye get started! Yet, what do you expect from the bottom feeders of semi-pro football! You have no identity and EYE shed one single tear! SAYS EYE!


Re: CRFL games for 8-4-12

Eye think this is so funny someone without a true name calling someone out for using a name that is similar to their PHONY name.
Eye do not think you have a copyright on your eye but if you do please make a challenge.
Eye think you are as much as imposter as the next guy.
Eye think that semi-pro is weak this season because of the fact there are two many team in a market that has weakened the Indy market with the exception of the Indianapolis Tornadoes.
Eye think that it is funny to see a changing of the guard so to speak.
Eye am happy to see the Kokomo Mustangs standing at
Eye am happy to see the Crusaders at 6-0 and I am happy to see the expected success of the Tornadoes
I think these teams are doing their part to promote semi-pro football and Eye am going to attend as many of their games as I can this season.
I never stuped to the name calling that you have and in fact Eye have a very good education. Eye think you should be more sefl confident because right now EYE think your insecurity is showing because of your preceived threat to your fake name.
Eye think you in your post have resorted to childish name calling.
Eye think this is just a little something to liven up the board and
Eye don't care which team you cheer for because unlkess they win a championship we will never know
Eye find it strange that you proclaim you feelings for a certain team but are not proud enough to name that team.
Eye am grinning from ear to ear thinking of all the people reding this and gettign a chuckle because you have an eye ach.
Eye am glad you are still around though because this SKYE notice the "E" is going to have some good ol fashioned fun
Eye hope you calm down and relax a little. just figured out these smiling faces can be used on posts and they are very funny if used correctly.
Eye think Eye will use them

Re: CRFL games for 8-4-12

Eye in the Skye
The C.R.F.L. heads into the home stretch with some interesting games on tap for Saturday
First off is the Revolution traveling to the Force. This game at one point in the season had meaning but now it is nothing more than a tune up for the playoffs. The Revolution is nothing more than a shell of a once pretty good team they didn't travel well to the Spartans and even though Coach Don is still banging his chest over the huge win.
Force take this one 28-13
Spartans @ Cardinals
If Coach Don runs his mouth on here the score will be 35-7 The Cardinals are going to be smarting from their first loss they don't get their secind this weekend.
Cardinals win this this game 14-0 unless as mentioned above Coach Don writes a check he can't cash.
Raiders @ Bengals
REALLY any question on this one
Raiders win bit 56-0
Vipers @ Crusaders The Crusaders could have a let down after their big win last week. I think this turns out to be a low scoring game with the Crusaders winning.
NO PLACE KICKER will someday cost these guys BIG but not this weekend
Crusaders win 18-6

FUNNY, FUNNY, FUNNY someone with a phony made up name with no identity is telling me in their closing statement that EYE have no idenity this is the stuff soap operas are made of.
Eye think this is going to be a funny nigth.
Eye am almost in tears because EYE don't have an identity but the other eye does.
Eye think my opinion is just as valuable as your
Eye think having no identity is going to make me cry big old EYE ACHE TEARS!!!!!!
Eye think you need to lighten up
Eye think the seaon is showing some surprises
Eye am proud to be a fan of football at any level.
Eye feel sorry for you and your insecurities
Just remember an eye ache is far better than a bad case of Hemmorids

Re: CRFL games for 8-4-12

Hahahahahahaha. Good one! (cough)! Not biting. Now run along fellow. Run along! This would be absolutely pointless. Eye say you are a Clone. Which can be taken a flattery. Suite yourself. Call yourself what you like. It is all internet banter, to which Eye have no rise nor fall. Eye have now seen over half of the teams play this year. All of the top teams. My Eye is valid. What Eye saw on Saturday was pretty cool. At least we agree on certain points. SAYS EYE!