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Re: AFNT AA Ranking for games played through July 28th

[/quote]The simple fact that you are trying to consider the crush and the crusaders as 'power house' teams makes you an idiot! Not sure how the tornados got into this convo since they are AAA. Let's leave them there. Common sense tells you that the crusaders/crush are not be in the same ball park as teams like the Raiders, Thunder, Lima Warriors.[/quote]

It's funny that you say this Mr. Common Sense!! Let me throw some facts out there for you. The Revolution, which is a CRFL team, beat the Generals 38-20(Might be wrong on the score) a MSFL Team. The Generals just lost to the Thunder 19-17 during their 2nd week. You mean to tell me that the ORIGINAL Revolution wouldn't belong on the same field as the Thunder?

The Crusaders beat the Revolution on 2 different occasions this season, one which they should have loss but a win is a win. The same Revolution team that beat the Generals 38-20. The same Generals that only lost to the Thunder 19-17. You mean to tell me that the Crusaders don't belong on the same field as the Thunder?

I'm not going to sit here and call either team a "POWER HOUSE" but to say that these teams don't belong in the same category as teams like the Thunder or the Generals because they play in the CRFL is preposterous. I would bet that if any of the top CRFL teams played in the IFL, MSFL they would compete and would go over .500.

Teams change every year. Take the Generals for example: They we almost unstoppable last year. A few players retired and a few left. Now look at them. They are still competitive but are .333 team so far this year. It's a "what have you done for me lately mentality." I could care less what you have done in the past, it's what you have done in the 2012 season. Good luck to all teams this Saturday

Re: AFNT AA Ranking for games played through July 28th

Or why the KY Xtreme wouldn't be in the top 25 by now but there's teams that the Xtreme has beat ranked in there not to mention teams with more losses than the Xtreme ranked in this ranking. Another argument would be the only unavenged loss the Xtreme has is ranked in YOUR top 5, which was only a 1 pt loss. Your rankings are flawed. #GARBAGE

Also how can a 3-0 chicago thunder team be ranked over a 5 - 0 wolfpack team, when the rush has already given up more points in less amount of gms? #once again GARBAGE

Re: AFNT AA Ranking for games played through July 28th

im with who dat, on this one. I am tired of people saying how week of a league this league is or that league. I played in the MSFL for two years, and there are teams in that league that teams like the cards, crus, spartans, vipers, crush, and revo would beat the brakes off. The only reason some people play in leagues are because they are closer to home, and its cheaper to play, its not that talent level.I know for a fact ive played against players this year in the CRFL and many of them could go start for any team and be productive in the msfl, I did it on two bumb knees for two years, and made it to the all star. yea I was third team, but 3rd team with 2 bad knees, come on man. not disrespecting the MSFL cause I went there because I wanted to play higher level competition and say I did it, but to say they are just so superior ova everyone in the CRFL is straight trash talk. So everyone get off that our league is tougher mess. I wanted a exact reason why it was like that, to just get the idea of why, not to bash mr. morris cause hes a good freind, and not to say his rankings are garbage, I wanted to know real reason why, but to all do respect if any one even my fellow buddy and past teammate mr. morris say because of the leagues so much better, imma scream lol. P.S. IF U REALLY WANNA LOOK AT RANKINGS CHECK OUT THE BCS RANKINGS ALSO, cause they do the same, but I bet u wont say they garbage rankings. SO STEP OFF MR. MORRIS, he has a good reason for the rankings, lol but MR. HOF they bet not be because of how much the leagues are more superior lol