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Re: Catching wind of a new team in Indy for next year

I hear where your coming from, if you ask me.... All the teams in Indy should be in there own division to keep play in the city,,,, will make room for new teams to play, by telling new teams to stay out isn't fair to a team that has potential to do well

It is not that we are telling a team that they can not play, by all means if you have the means, will, wisdom, guidance and desire then do it, what we are saying is we have seen the destroyers, who had nice talent fold, the eagles fold, yellowjackets, scorps and im sure a few others that have all come an gone in less than 2yrs and that is only hurting the game. We have so much talent here but we lack unity and a common goal, if we had guys that were ok with being cold knock out special teams players, guys that did not feel the need to be the star and were willing to really split time and coaches that were really going to coach these guys in that manner, man, we could have a solid team in every league right here in Indy....Lets just say for the sake of argument You have the Nados in the league they are in the Generals in the league they are in and the Mustangs in the IFL, all the players choosing between those 3 teams from all the other surrounding teams like the Nighthawks and the Crusades, not knocking either of these teams just used them because the other 3 have been around yr in and yr out, can you imagine what this city could do in those leagues? Or even if you had the Generals and the Mustangs stay in the same league with the Nados in their league, we could really do some damage, but that wont happen because we have too many folks that want to lead but unwilling to follow, too many ppl that want to be the team instead of just being apart of the team. Let me tell you something, if you trying to make it to whatever you deem to be the next level, it is far more difficult to make it on a team where you are the only thang smoking but losing as opposed to being apart of a dominant force...Could you imagine Jun and Luther at safeties....Burton and T West runnning the rock, Troy, B Will, J Fears, D Self, Mack and other WR all rotating in and or running a spread O....crazy, im not even gonna name the folks on d line and lb, LORD.... I Wish

Re: Catching wind of a new team in Indy for next year

Dre your right that would be great but players play for a team for their own reasons. Like travel, coaches or even uniforms smh lol. Their are some really good coaches that would make a great coaching staff but to many guys want to be the head coach and be the man just likke players want to be the man.I could name a great coaching staff and team but it all starts at the top with owners. We say it every year but it never happens. Put a few super teams together and open a can of whoop ass on a few leagues.