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Indiana Cardinals

Hello again your Indiana Cardinals suffered a dissapointing loss to there down south state rival the Marion County Crusaders , This game was hard faught by both teams , but it came down to grittyness and that grittyness was showed by the Crusaders, Your Cardinals just did not get on tge same track offensively , an John Jones had a horrible outing before get pulled ,and replaced by #10 brandon Davis , Bu to no avail Davis wasnt any help nor did he receive any from his receiving core ,#3 Tj Snow continues his drought and pass dropping slump., while #36 Eric Veazey continues to plow through holes, The Crusaders made less mistakes such proved to be the difference in the ball game , this club is a fundamental well coached bunch, congrats to them .... No qb contraversy within the Cardinal camp word is that the young gun John Jones is still the shot caller. Defensively the Cards still prove to be one of the best units around, Rumor has is that the birds main man on defense #37 Marvin (The Hitman ) Davis is taking time off to prepare for the Arena Leagues IFL. Regardless of that the Birds need to get back on track !!!