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Re: spartan revenge?

mike #24
Look I know you want to be me and thanks for the complement,but there is only one #24 on the Tri-City Spartans and thats me Big Country from ATL,GA baby. So why don't you be a man and use your real name. Or is it your scared for people to know who you really are. That's one thing I hate the most about this board people can talk shit, but use fake names so people don't know who is saying it. All im saying is be a man and earn people's respect by not hiding.

Dont trip mike man, people always try to stur up stuff in the semi pro nation man, dont pay no one no bit of attention. just like us, focus on the game man. it will be a great game just like the 1st one. forget the childish stuff my guy lmbo. I dont put my real name on here unless I have to but 90% of the semi pro world know who I am lol, see u today 24 big country

Re: spartan revenge?

thanks ocho-5. i just wanted u and ur team to know that i have respect for you and ever other team we have played. yall always play us hard.