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Re: The nighthawks are disrespectful

Shut up.. Listen
The person that started all this was indeed a nighthawks player he wore #1 in the game. There was scouts at this game there was kids at this game there was husbands and wives at this game no one want to hear all the stuff that this guy was saying in all the disrespect this guys was giving to the generals players and organization. The nighthawks players was laughing thinking it was funny of course. The Indiana generals players was ignoring him in the beginning is then he started to call out players by number. After that I seen generals fans leave the stands because number 1 from the nighthawks said " I will shoot this mf up" standing right next to a Lil kid. So tony law I respect you but if you are serious about letting them play again at that field after all of that I will not be a supporter of the general anymore! You guys have a good field why let another team take that away.

First, I did not feel the need to call the man out by name. However, yes it was Larry Martin. Until today, I was unaware he played for the Nighthawks. Larry originally signed with the Generals, and then was released, and I was unaware he signed with the Nighthawks. Corey and I have a very solid relationship and I would work with them again. It would be unjust to peg a bad reputation on a new organization because of the single actions of a select individuals. An investigation is ongoing and if allegations are true, then this individual will face consequences. A precedent was set last year, where a player (Springfield) threatened gun violence after an MSFL game and he was banned from Roncalli as well as suspended by the MSFL. It is important to not do anything without investigating. We cherish Roncalli and this will not be tolerated. Thank you for your concern. We hope to see you back at Roncalli next week.

Mr. Shut up and listen....please email me with your contact info so that we can talk about this incident you witnessed. Anyone else, I urge to do the same. Your identity will be kept confidential of course.

Thank you.