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Re: Wolfpack Vs Wildcat game

I actually thought that was directed at us since we were the host team. It is very unfortunate our home field that has been my home field since 7th grade and not ever considering the loss in the playoffs last year against the west michigan force to be my last time on that field due to some highly positioned person in the school system here. I am not going to name this person but he has denied us the field that we had booked before the season started for this game.. When contacted about a side issue he neglected that the game was ever actually scheduled.. Which the only way the game was going to take place was to be at our practice field.. no stands, or anything.. With how much respect shown between us and the wildcats their coaches agreed that a game with this amount of magnitude does not belong on a park field. So it was moved.. Which if you are from northern indiana the game would've definitely been called due to thunderstorms in the 3rd quarter especially with there not even being locker rooms at the park so I for one am glad it was moved now. Any person accusing a team of not wanting to play due to injuries is a joke especially the wildcats or wolfpack.. both of our teams show up ready to play regardless who goes down. So delayed a few more weeks only allows for a few more weeks of game talk! lol

Petre OUT!

Re: Wolfpack Vs Wildcat game

And with knowing most the Blaze team and staff I really am shocked if the Blaze GM really did post that when knowing that if something like this did happen then there was probably some kind of mishap and not just some stupid mistake.

Re: Wolfpack Vs Wildcat game

Sorry fellas. I learned today how you guys had the field pulled out from under you at the last minute. No disrespect intended.

Re: Wolfpack Vs Wildcat game

You can't question something until you ask right? lol I knew you had no intent of disrespecting us! Safe travels next week! Tell Hughes, Van Damn, Anderson, and Crockett they can stay home if they want cuz I always have a headache after hitting one of those guys! lol

Petre OUT