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Re: 8-4 This Weekend in INSPF

First off I dont see why the wildcats are num 1 also with one loss, it should be the wolfpack. 2ndly Yes the extreme are kicking butt, in a great league, but I still dont see if they win next week why they would be in the 1st place. If any if they win, and the mustangs win, I think there should be a 2 way tie for 3rd. No team with a 2 loses should be ova a unbeaten team like the tornadoes, or wolfpack thats just my opinion. I mean they would be ova the crush because of they schedule, and crusaders because of the league, but not that many spots. if the extreme do win I think this is how the top 10 should be. Unless the pack or the tornadoes lose a game or two, no one should be num1 over them, Sorry, just my opinion

1. wolfpack
2. Tornadoes
3. Extreme
3. Mustangs if they win
4. Crusaders
5. Crush
6. Cardinals
7. wildcats
8. Spartans
9. Cutters
10. Generals.