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Re: CRFL WEEK 8 Prediction Channel!!! Tailgate LATE!

Cards win over Pheonix 28-0 due to forfeit. Is this the end of the Pheonix, or as some may call them, the dark knights.

Crush win over Crusaders 28-6 Crush just want it too much. Crush program has much going for it and this game is at home for them. Remember the Crush has never lost at home, and I mean never. Will the Crusaders try to fight in Ohio though.

Raiders win over Vipers 21-13. Vipers just have too many players turning their back on their team. This very well could be the last week for the vipers.

Force win over Bengals 28-7, Bengals just don't have the fight left in them. I think this may be the beginning of the end for them.

Spartans win over Blitz 49-7. This will be a blow out. Spartans are still angry from last week. The only touchdown the Blitz will get will be off of a lucky deep pass over the Spartans DB's, like I said lucky, or sweeping around Spartans #10, d end, because that guy does not know how to play end.

Re: CRFL WEEK 8 Prediction Channel!!! Tailgate LATE!


I have been admiring your Crystal Ball from last week's pics! 18 Player Revolution team over last year Champion Midwest Force & the Spartans were on top of the "High Flying" Cardinals until the storm, your better @ this me!

I must be due for an upgrade! Maybe its time to trade in my old plastic Magic 8-Ball. Off to the Pawn Shop I must go!!!!

Good Shit Yuppp, we got to get that beer sometime!

Re: CRFL WEEK 8 Prediction Channel!!! Tailgate LATE!

Tailgator, I would love to have that beer. Just tell me when and where and I will see if I can make it happen. But my predictions are based on the level of performance the teams have week to week and use what happened in weeks prior against other teams for the teams I favor.