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Re: a "no chump" league

@ Blaze GM, I just wanted to correct you on your facts about beating both Hitmen and Wolfpack on their fields that post season, actually that year, the Hitmen had to play on the road in Battle Creek even after beating you guys at their home field, then traveled on the road and lost a very close but very, very good game...

That's why I wrote FIELD, not FIELDS and placed it after the mention of the Wolfpack. We had two great games with both squads in 2010, regular season and playoffs. We just happened to have one the two playoff games...

Re: a "no chump" league

We're getting off-track here, with typos and poor logic in argumentative defense.

Please let this thread go. Who cares if largely annonymous messageboard posters give your program respect? The opinions that matter are those of the teams you share the field and the fans that watch your games.