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Generals vs. Steelers

Wow what a game for us. Generals finally got their second win of the season and actually stuck together as a team. Proud to be a fan guys! A few silly penalties but you guys pushed through. Also just want to say Steelers you won a lot if respect from me and hopefully our players as well. You guys are 0-4 traveled with 15 and still played and played with heart. You didn't pull a win but showed that a team is what you are. You worked together, I didn't hear no bickering or blaming and you continued to try until the last down. Keep your head high guys, that was us 7 years ago. No players, no coach, no wins and here we are today. Don't lose your heart keep your heads high and walk with pride because you guys play because you love the game and not just the W like most teams. Hope to see you guys again.

Re: Generals vs. Steelers

Thanks we traveled with 21 last night. Thanks we appreciate it. Good job both teams. Very sore lol

Re: Generals vs. Steelers

Just a question for the initial poster. What team are you referencing when you mentioned that 7 years ago had, "No players, no coach, no wins and here we are today."? It sure cannot be the Generals. They have been around since 2002, and have always had a coach, the smallest roster was 25 in 2002 and have never finished a season with no wins.

I'm not being negative, I appreciate the post, but I want to make sure History is not forgotten or misrepresented.


Re: Generals vs. Steelers

I was referring to the Generals. I guess I should have been a little more detailed in stricter in what I said. I was just saying not to get down on themselves because you have to start at the bottom. The fact that the Generals have even been a semi pro team for 11 seasons is amazing and we couldn't have done it with out all of the hard work that everyone from the beginning on has done. No history forgotten.