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Week 9 CRFL Prediction Channel!!! "I Wanna Girl in a Pick Up Truck"

Fulton County Bengals @ Ohio Phoenix (Kick-Off 5pm)

How bout them Bengals!!! The Fulton County Bengals have shocked the world, ...well maybe the CRFL World, & beat the 2011 CRFL Champions, the Midwest Force 38-20!

I know what your thinking, "Hey Tailgater, how did that happen?" Not sure of the details, but rumor has it, that the Fulton County Bengals have gained some talent & help from the Northwest Ohio Knights. The Bengals have been sitting with 20-25 Players on the sideline & had 45 Players last week. As far as I know, there was no Roster Violations, but the Roster of the Bengals wasn't challenged either.

Now for some more Bengal talk, because this just might be the biggest turn of events since Richard Hatch won the first season of Survivor. Bengals are going to be in the Play-Offs! Let me repeat, Bengals are going to be in the Play-Offs! That's right, & you heard here first!

Now I know the Bengals have 3 more games to play & the Miami County Vipers won last week, but their is a lot of details that can not be released yet. Just go ahead & get your tournament bracket out & fill in your Fulton County Bengals as the #4 Seed. These guys just might become the Cinderella Story of the CRFL.

.....I guess their is ONE, & only one curve ball that could knock out the Bengals Play-Off hopes, & that would be "The Rise of the Phoenix". But come on, they have forfeited the past two games & scored once the entire season, & we are not even sure if they will play this week. I vote No.

Bengals 28
Phoenix 0

Midwest Force @ Miami County Vipers (Kick-Off 5pm)

We have two Ohio South Division Rivalries both @ 4-4. 'Thee' 8-0 Ohio Crush already locked up the Ohio South Division & the Bengals are come'n & knock'n on the back door! This is the type of Match-Ups that the CRFL offers! This could be the GAME OF THE WEEK! And truth be known, this game is going to get a lot more interesting, & I will just leave @ that for now!

Tri-County Raiders @ Tri-City Spartans (Kick-Off 6pm)

Word is out the Tri-County "Virgin Killers" Raiders have forfeited their game against the "Spartan Project"! I guess the "Virgin Killers" have locked up the Ohio North Division & feels the long trip to Lakeville, Indiana is just too much for them. Or maybe its they fear the Spartans???

Regardless, a forfeit is a bad move. You have a game on the schedule, you play it. If it is a meaningless game, put in your back ups & try & have some fun. You are robbing players of an opportunity of playing time not only from your own Organization, but from the Spartan Organization as well.

Also Raiders, a forfeit this week gives you 3 weeks off before your first round of Play-Offs & I don't care what you say or do, you will not be clicking on all cylinders!

Spartans 28
Raiders 0

Marion County Crusaders @ Miami County Blitz (Kick-Off 7pm)

Your 7-1 Marion County Crusaders coming off a hard fought loss to 'Thee Ohio Crush' travel to Denver, Indiana for their last road game of the season to take on the 3-5 Miami County Blitz.

I have never heard so much crying over bad referee calls from the Crusader's past game since the tuck rule that resulted in a controversial finish to an NFL playoff game on January 19, 2002, between the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders. I think Kleenex should now be the Official Sponsor of the 2012 Marion County Crusaders. ...and all the talk that "The Commish" has the referees in his back pocket just proved those people wrong.

Facebook, Twitter, Supaland, Phone Calls, not a doubt in my mind that the people of C-Nation is pissed! This week, the Crusaders are on the rebound & the Miami County Blitz are the victims.

Although the Crusaders have a statement to make, & with a Zeb Sutton Bye next week, I would recommend the Crusaders to take advantage of this pointless game & give your 2nd & 3rd stringers the start. Depending on how Play-Offs goes, this just might be the last chance these guys might see the field. Can you say, "Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!"

Miami County Blitz go this week for one goal, "Let's just get into the end zone." #36 Joel Fravel quoted.

The Blitz have nothing to lose or gain this match-up but to try & end the season on a positive note & concentrate on next year. I just hope in next years plans maybe an upgraded Logo from that hideous hand drawn one & maybe something besides iron on jerseys. The Blitz is a good group of loyal guys & I do happen to wish the Best of Luck!

Crusaders 42
Blitz 0

Ohio Crush @ Delaware County Revolution (Kick-Off 7pm)

The Indiana South Division's the Delaware County Revolution sitting @ 4-4 & has a rough two games ahead, but holds onto the tie breaker over the Indiana North's Division's Miami County Blitz. 'Thee' Ohio Crush showed they were the "Real Deal" by facing the first "true" challenge last week as they defeated the undefeated Indiana South Division's the Marion County Crusaders.

The Delaware County Revolution had the talent, the Coaches & the numbers to go the distance this season & make it to the ship. What happened??? I don't think anyone from the Revolution's Organization can even tell you what happened. Coaches & player leaving, Coaches & players getting fired, players getting suspended, there has been more drama in Knightstown than in an entire season of Big Brother.

'Thee' Ohio Crush remind me alot of the KC Mustangs of the IFL. Although the KC Mustangs have folded after 7 years, they were always a threat under the strong arm of #11 "The Famous" Mike Whitaker & were always considered a class act. We you played the KC Mustangs, you know it was going to be a great game! The Crush have developed a STRONG Foundation, behind a promising Quarterback, #11 Carl "The Orange Dream" Christy, & they go at everything as Professional as they can! The 8-0 record shows, good things happen to good people whom seem to do things right! Thumbs up for my Ohio Crush, and I really need to try one of those drinks named after you!

The Delaware County Revolution is a wounded duck but some how are holding things together in Knightstown. If there is any team in the CRFL that can pull a miracle upset against 'Thee' Ohio Crush, I do believe this is the team that could do it. But the Crush are a fine oiled machine & its all down hill from here for the Crush until Play-Offs.

(My vote is in that 'Thee' Ohio Crush has the CRFL's hottest Chain Gang! Can I get a second???)

Crush 34
Revolution 18

Indiana Cardinals @ Jay County Panthers

Another Zeb Sutton Bye Week!

Indianapolis Panther Open Tryout
August 26th at 10:00am
6601 Coffman Road
(317) 293-2255
~Field is Pro Turf~
Preregister your info, name, height, weight, position, address,phone # to:
$50 try-out if preregistered
$75 @ day of try-out

Re: Week 9 CRFL Prediction Channel!!! "I Wanna Girl in a Pick Up Truck"

Tailgator, love the predictions but seriously the Indy Panthers will never make it. But here is my predictions.

Bengals 21 Pheonix 0 if the Pheonix actually play this weekend.

Force over Vipers 28-0 because I don't see the Vipers around much longer after next weekend.

Spartans 28-0 over Raiders due to forfeit, I heard the same rumor but I can't reach Coach Josh a personal friend to verify this.

Crusader 34-0 over Blitz. Though not a long drive the Blitz players are already counting themselves out of the playoffs so they will not travel well to this game. Is the Blitz future at risk next season as well??

Crush 21 Revos 28. I think the revos will pull the upset in this game knowing they need this win to secure their playoff spot for sure. Love the Crush but Revos want this one more.

And of course Cards 28-0 over the non existing Panthers.

Re: Week 9 CRFL Prediction Channel!!! "I Wanna Girl in a Pick Up Truck"

I totally agree with the Indianapolis Panthers, matter of fact, I feel the UIFL will not be around next year.

Reliable sources have told me there is a CIFL (Continental Indoor Football League) team coming to Indianapolis, but with financing, it might be pushed off until next year. However, just like with the Evansville Rage last year, the CIFL might throw some incentives towards the new Indianapolis Team to come in this year. We will have to wait & see.

Regardless, if any of these teams make a start in Indianapolis, I hope they do not burn bridges with sponsorship & ruining Indianapolis of ever having indoor football again in the Circle City like the Ft Wayne Freedom, Ft Wayne Fusion & the Ft Wayne Firehawks have done to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Re: Week 9 CRFL Prediction Channel!!! "I Wanna Girl in a Pick Up Truck"

Now everybody knows why I could not give a score for the Midwest Force @ Miami County Vipers Game & you now know how the Bengals made the Play-Offs!

I am seriously thinking of jumping on the Bengal Band Wagon & pulling for the underdog! I wonder what their chain gang looks like???

Force 28
Vipers 0

Re: Week 9 CRFL Prediction Channel!!! "I Wanna Girl in a Pick Up Truck"

Hey tailgater,
You can predict that my team will lose but to make snide comments about whether my team will play you pathetic ass.. I hope someday you will have to go through the hell I am going through with my mother, watching her die a little more each day having a machine breathing for her while doctors are trying to figure out why at first now telling you you need to make a decision as if you want to continue or just let her go... If you in front of me right now I would beat the living shit out of you sorry ass.. You Fuck!

Re: Week 9 CRFL Prediction Channel!!! "I Wanna Girl in a Pick Up Truck"

relly sorry for your family bro lost my mom it relly tough you take care of family , the crush family hopes evryone gets off your back this is only football be with your mom let us know if you need anything sinc coach woodyxfvw

Re: Week 9 CRFL Prediction Channel!!! "I Wanna Girl in a Pick Up Truck"

Mayer 74,

"I hope someday you will have to go through the hell I am going through with my mother" & "If you in front of me right now I would beat the living shit out of you sorry ass.. You Fuck!" just for predicting that your team won't play??? I would hate to see what you would do if I got caught doing something more serious like eating with my mouth open or pissing on the toilet seat!

Mayer, I am going to keep things real here, so bare with me. To come on a public forum & wishing me to watch my own mother die because I predict your team wouldn't even play is not just disrespect to me, but it is disrespect for your mother as well. If you are trying to get a sympathy vote in Supaland to make me look like the bad guy you are going about the entire wrong way!

I am sure there is alot of us have lost people that are close to us, I have as well & it always seems like God takes the good ones. Even in a drunk driving accident, a family of four gets killed & the drunk driver walks away with scratches & bruises.

My parents was working parents, worked alot of hours & fortunately for me, I lived on a farm right next to my Grandparents. My Grandparents basically raised me. At age 59, my Grandmother was diagnosis with colon cancer. I personally watch a 160lb woman, day by day, get eaten from the inside out from cancer & got down to 87 pounds. This was a women that never cussed, never drank, & never raised her voice. She was the PERFECT PERSON & never did anything to deserve to die the way she did. I remember her dying days like it was yesterday, when she was too weak to move & the only thing she could consume was pop cycles, & she would just suck on them with her eyes closed. As she slept, she would take 3 deep breaths & then stop breathing. I would count as she didn't breath & could get to 20, then she would let out a loud moan of pain & then would take her 3 deep breaths again. It was like clockwork. I experience all this @ the age 12! I have spent many of years questioning God why he would take the most precious thing out of my life! She is the reason I am who I am to this day!

So Mayer 74, when you say "I hope someday you will have to go through the hell you are", your wishes have been granted my friend. Been there, done that, & got a T-Shirt. I will "empathize" about what you are going through, but I will not "sympathize" nor I want anyone to "sympathize" about me.

And far as "if you in front of me right now I would beat the living shit out of you sorry ass.. You Fuck!" I am going just forget that you said that, shall we? I understand that you are in alot of pain & sitting on alot of rage & sometimes we say things in the "heat of the moment" that we don't mean, we have all done that a time or two.

I do wish the best of luck to you Mayer & I am sorry about your Mother, believe it or not, I will pray for your Mother & You & your family. I know how hard it is.

As for the Phoenix, I never wish upon a team to fold or forfeit. It robs players the opportunity, that we payed to do, to play the game we love.

God Bless

Re: Week 9 CRFL Prediction Channel!!! "I Wanna Girl in a Pick Up Truck"


Very classy, sir. I think you have developed into a very positive entity for Supaland. Way to be straight, firm, direct, but not over-the-top with Mr. Mayer. Semi-pro football as a whole could use more upstanding men such as yourself. Keep up the good work.

Lucas Howard
OL/DL Revolution

Re: Week 9 CRFL Prediction Channel!!! "I Wanna Girl in a Pick Up Truck"

Sorry to hear that Mr. Mayer. The only thing you can do is ignore posts on here. Someone will always manage to stir the pot, whether its intentional or not. Take care.