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Re: what i watched at crusaders- crush

CRFL Player
As a CRFL player who WAS at this game, I am going to try to be as neutral and factual as possible. I don't know if CRFL FAN has a personal vendetta out on the Crusaders or not, but I did indeed witness everything he mentioned in this post. The refs sucked in that the called almost everything (for both sides) and didnt let the game be played; penalties would have been about equal if it werent for personal fouls and sorry C-nation you can't blame the refs for that or for losing the's your fault you have some dumb mouthy people on your roster...nuff said. Other than that game was fairly clean; I didnt see JJ punch #58, but did hear it on the Crush sidelines...if there is film of this it need to be shone. Crush, you wouldnt get the same courtesy...just saying. Most of the crusaders were good sports, but there were many that didnt even shake hands and one (#7, I believe) whom keep telling people to not even touch him.

@ "without a name it is rumor": I dont know how you can be so blind to what is being said from almost every team about the kind of (lack of) class from most of the crusade players. They are not all out to get C-nation, I mean look at crush they arent spreading any gossip. I am however personally offended with #28, whom which did grab his junk right in front of my nieces and nephews; what kind of pervert does that.

Apart from a couple of d-bags on the crusade (I mean every team has them, crusade maybe more than most), there were some good players and sportmen on both teams.

On a final note, returning back to blaming the refs...C-nation you guys CAN beat the crush I am sure, but from what I saw in that game it was only close because crush has a suck ass special teams. I heard from my teammate that their special teams has given up more points that their defense...ouch. Peace...

Dude we admire the fact that you actually stood up and said show the tape! But how are you going to throw your team under the bus #90? Why don't you show the tape?

Re: what i watched at crusaders- crush

as i stated the tape has nothing on it it goes from whisle to whistle to save space so get off of it there will be no public veiwing of it thank you and that is all i have to say on this subject