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Re: Rumor has it

lol. thanks :)

That's the 5th request to come back and play next year. I'd need a full year to work out and even then, unsure if I can run a decent 40. (and Im as busy as I can get now already)

But I still would like to get those last 3 stupid catches.

More than likely, I'll only get them on Madden.


Re: Rumor has it

This wouldnt be the 1st time.

Back in 1999-2005, Myself and a large group of players drove from Ft Wayne to SB to be apart of the Grizzlies, and then the Stampede. Combined, the two teams were probably around 52-9 wins (with 5 losses coming in an overall 9-5 Grizzly record in 1999.)
The Stampede never lost to any team from Indiana, and lost to only two teams ever (COL, and that Stacked team from Michigan in the national tourney in 2002)

Corey Martin played RB for the Grizzlies and Stampede along with D Brown (WR), Roosevelt Norfleet (QB), Cory Johnson (FB), The Goodwell Bros (DB) and David Green (WR, KR) - All drove to two practices a day plus games from Ft Wayne to Goshen.

In 2004, I drove from Indy to Southbend to play in 3 games myself.

Back then, players played with a good organization and teammates they loved-despite how close or easy it was to start.

Cory Martin did not start his first year. He sat and watched a running back that was easily 1/2 his talent gain maybe 2.3 yards avg per carry for 5 straight games.
Did he get frustrated? Heck yeah! I ahd to listen to it all the way from paractice to home since I drove 80% (you owe me $5.00 for gas, dude) :)
But he never quit.
In game 6 of that year, he took his very 1st carry some 80 plus yards to the 1 yrd line.
It was the longest run we'd had that season, and we were 5-0 at the time.
Corey never played behind anyone the rest of his career after that.

When Courtney left the service, he used to come and watch and joined the Stampede in 2003. He also did not start, despite being the only DB who could cover every WR we had by himself (He and T Shep)in practice.
As soon as he started, one side of the field was always shut down every game and if im right, he led the league in picks in his 1st year.
He also never was a second stringer again following that season.

So, Im saying that yes, dedication and desire to be on a team full of talent wont stop something like this from happening. Especially if players who have done it already are running the show.

If this is done, I hope a lesson is learned from all team from other areas.


Gotta say it. They are why I am here.Those Martin boy's. They have love for the game. Brian you give a good summary.. hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Re: Rumor has it

Coach mom, are you confessing that there is truth to this?? Fill us in please. Talked to several Spartans and they are all clueless, or is this behind closed doors?? We wanna know.

Re: Rumor has it

You are so funny.. I never said anything of the sort. I was just commenting on what Brian had said. That what he said did happen and it was a good summary. If you want something bad enough you can make it happen.. I will say that the first I heard of this was on here.. Just like all of you. My thought was wooow..Cardinals still have games to play... So we have to stay focused on the playoffs..

Re: Rumor has it

Coach Mom, I have asked the Spartans owner, coach Josh, and all he says is no comment, then gives the spiel that they have games to focus on and playoffs to plan for. Now I am curious. Me personally would love to see this happen.

Re: Rumor has it

Thx Mom, I know I owe you a cleaned plate before the winter hits! (stomach growling)


Re: Rumor has it

That you do and more probably...Just waiting for you to pop into the Fort