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Re: Vipers kicked out of CRFL

Hey if you say he has played all year and is on the roster than why not go check the roster. From what I see he is not on there so is that the players fault no. But the league official has to follow the rules and a player not on the roster was played.

Re: Vipers kicked out of CRFL

thats for the owners to fight about i just know he has been on the team i dont have a say in the roster i just play

Re: Vipers kicked out of CRFL

I'll bet it was Johnny Gayles - I heard he's too intense!

On another note, the IFL can't seriously be interested in adopting this garbage.

Re: Vipers kicked out of CRFL

This thing between the Vipers and CRFL is something you dont see everyday. The league was told to remove the "copyrighted" Vipers logo from the website so they replaced it with a cartoon snake. What will happen next?