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Sat Morning - Game Day - Lets make the most of it.

It’s been a long week, I had to deal with the nasty side of football most don’t get to see. The rules, the regulations, and the punishments. It is part of the job of running a league. Some teams don’t have any issues. They show up each week, at the location they said they would be at, on time, follow the rules they agreed upon, play 60 minutes, and they end the game and go home. Some teams take the other approach and these are the teams that destroy everything we try to build over a course of a year. They result in tough decision, alienated players, and forfeits in the schedule for other teams the rest of the year.

I have two request of all semi-pro players to take the field today, and of all owners and coaches that work tirelessly for no pay in order to let us play football –

ENJOY THE GAME OF FOOTBALL. Each play we are one play away from glory. We are one play away from a story that you were share when your 60. We are one play away from that season ending injury. We are one play away from our last game of football. Play within the rules of the game, play within the rules of your league. Respect each other in this brotherhood we share. Respect the game.

SHARE THE POSITIVE IN YOUR GAMES THIS WEEKEND – this site is 95% negative, always putting down players, teams, owners. Let’s turn this thing around before it kills off what we have. We are very lucky to play on the teams and in the leagues that we do. They take a lot of free work by many many people, and lot of money by players and sponsors to allow us to step onto that field one more time. Let make the most out of it and set ourselves up for future success and not hardships.

Good luck all the teams this weekend. Insert shameless plug #C-Nation.