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Post Season Tournaments

First of all, good luck to all the teams still playing in their respective league playoffs.

This is an inquiry to find out which teams are interested in playing in the NFE and USFA tournaments this fall. The Mid States and Midwest tournament Champions are rewarded with a bid to Florida in January. This is only an inquiry and further details will be provided. I'm just trying to compile a list of teams and contact info so that when its time to go, the tournament will run smoothly and efficiently. (I will not be running a team in either tournament, so it will be easier for me to help the tourneys progress properly).

If you are interested in either tournament, please email me at or call at 313 282 7120

I'll need to know your team name, location of your home games, a copy of your roster (the roster you turned in to your league) and contact info.

These can be a fun post season tournament for teams that want to continue playing, so lets leave all the BS aside and we can even set up some match ups that teams have been trying to get. We are trying to get teams from up to 5 States to participate, so plenty of challenging teams out there. Please check with your league officials to make sure your team is available to play in the tourneys per league rules. Once all teams are confirmed, I will post match ups on here along with date, time and location of games.

I wish you all the best of luck and health, take care.

Re: Post Season Tournaments

Ear think this would be good for INSPF. No matter how your season ends up, and what you have going on after that, give back to the fans and let them see matchups they have been waiting to see. Having a tourney with the Wildcats, Generals, Tornados, Crusaders, etc. Where would you go wrong? Ear thinks you should hear Ear out.

Ear is out.

Re: Post Season Tournaments

There is still room for teams that are interested. Get a hold of me if your team wants to play. Several quality teams have already shown interest.
Thanks and good luck everyone.

Re: Post Season Tournaments

Can we get a combination of 3 or 4 teams to form one for this tourney

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allstar tri spart 24
Can we get a combination of 3 or 4 teams to form one for this tourney

Unfortunately no. A tournament team is comprised of your regular season team and you may add 3-4 players to help round out your team. I've seen a few teams try to create "super" teams by adding an unreal amount of players and it never or rarely works. Last year, the Renegades added players from no less than 5 other teams and that didn't work for them. It happened to a couple teams in Michigan too. This tournament is more of a reward to extend the season for those that fought hard for your team all year and want to play a little longer.

Re: Post Season Tournaments

IF you added players to your team, and won could you boast that the 2012 Spartans won??? When it would have been the Spartans + team + team + team....BE REAL AND EARN YOUR SHIT!