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Coach Tom Marsh/Wolfpack

I just want to say first that I was at your last three games. Over the last four years i have been to more than ten, maybe even more. I have traveled to Blaze, thunderhawks, wildcats, cutters and generals games over the years. And i absolutely will be in attendance saturday to watch the #1 vs #2. I have not been this excited for a semi-pro game in my 10+ years of watching semi-pro football. I was at the extreme vs wildcats early in the year and it was also a great game! I need to find out where the game is going to be played saturday....maybe central noble high school?

I wanted to say I dont think i've ever saw a player as exciting as Alic Vanover. WOW
Also, the way the QB Knepper and Vanover sync together so well is fun to watch. Knepper, though undersized, plays with incredible heart. No play is ever over and just when you think you got him, hes gone and makes a beautiful play. I cant even count how many tackles he broke or made miss in the backfield in thelast three games. I dont need to tell you coach im surenyou know this but i just wanted to express my excitement for your season and personnel. You got two IFL all stars in the backfield! Good luck this weekend, its going to be a BIG time game! Thanks for reading....

Re: Coach Tom Marsh/Wolfpack

That is a pretty cool message to see. I will be sure to get ahold of him soon and make sure he checks it out! Semi pro football is usually full of people who love the game, and fans who are family or close friends of someone playing. These are the stories I think are really cool to hear when it comes to semi pro.

To answer your question this weekends game will be at East Noble High School. See you there!