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Supaland Up & Running for Ten Years! Make It Another 10?

Supafan Midwest Prediction Center (I like to refer to as "Supaland") has withstand the test of time. Back in the early to mid 2000's, the methods of text messaging, internet @ the finger tips of your phone, & no such social networks as My Space, FaceBook, & Twitter were nonexistent or not commonly used. Supaland was the center & focal point of Midwest Semi-Pro community & as we enjoy Supafan's 10th Year Anniversary, not one thing has changed on this site. It still even has the same play as the background it had 10 years ago.

Been reading a few post recently about the quality of "Supaland" & although I have no control of it, just maybe some of your honest opinions & comments could make a difference on exactly which direction you would like see Supaland to go, if any direction @ all.

Supaland was designed & built not just because a guy wanted to share his brilliance each & every week of gazing into his crystal ball & predicting every game that was being played in the state that weekend, but it was a place for everyone to meet & discuss anything & everything related to football, & sometimes a few things that were not even football related.

Supafan always made it clear, that he did not want people, players, coaches, cheerleaders or anyone else to not have to log in with a user name & password, but to offer these people a chance to post or state their honest opinion about a certain subject with out discrimination. Which is great thinking, because if someone had an issue with such as a league decision about a certain situation, that player can voice his or her opinion without his concerns & opinions being held against him.

Now the problem with no user name & password is, as we have all seen, someone can come in & post as IFL Fan #22 (because there is so many) & basically rake over any person, team or league he or she wishes & suffer no consequences @ all! It has always been a rule that their will be no bashing or slandering of any kind, but it has always seemed to some how make its way into a thread. Some people even has stated that Supafan has been a huge factor of folding of teams & leagues.

Supafan has done alot of great things through the years as well. This site has solely kept the Semi-Pro Community up to date on an hourly basis of everything going on in the midwest. All the news, teams developing, teams folding, recruitment is all done through this site. I personally would not know half of what was going on in the Semi-Pro World, good or bad, if it wasn't solely due to this site. I have heard alot of Semi-Pro Rivalries would not of existed if it wasn't for Supaland, but they were looking @ it as a bad thing! Rivalries are awesome! Rivalries are games you know each team will be @ their best, & players will perform @ their best.

Face it, Supaland is where its @, if the site isn't abused & used for its intended purposes.

Now, I have to ask the Supaland Community, which direction would you like to see Supaland go? You really only have three options here, so pick one & please share your opinion why or why not even if it is under a fictitious name.


A. I love Supaland just the way it is, why change a good & proven thing!

B. Supaland needs a "Facelift"! A total make over & a username & password is
a great idea!

C. Supaland just needs to disappear! Its content is not the quality it use
to be & it just causes more trouble than it is worth!

NOTE: I am not Supafan, I do not pull any weight with Supafan, I am just a common user as most of you are. I feel if anyone thinks changes are needed to keep up with technology & the times, & if everyone had the opportunity to post their comments or concerns in the same thread, just maybe, if changes are needed, that your opinions could be the determining factor for where Supaland may go from this year on.