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Re: IFL Playoff Bracket

Yeah Jason and Drekey I was directing that message toward the person who started the thread not you guys. I agree with both of you guys on the subject just wish we would have had alternative solutions for if teams fold in place.

P, you know i got mad respect for you and your team and i already knew where you were going and what you were saying that is the reason that i tried to dead the situation from the jump in the very first post that i had because i knew that it would spread like wildfire and then i just knew some knucklehead was going to get on here claiming to be a Cutters players trying to give air to the flame....i hope next yr things are different with the teams that get in because this is killing our league, we have solid teams, yr in and yr out, but you cant say you have a solid league with only have 2 or 3 solid teams and having 3 or 4 teams folding every yr. Clearly some things just cant be placed at the doorstep of the IFL, who would have thought the Mustangs would not play this yr, nobody from the south thats for sure, we thought the Hitmen were going to be a solid outing as well, as for the Eagles and the Destroyers, i have made some good friends on these teams so i am not going to bask anybody on either, what i will say is there are more than enough teams in the Indianapolis area with the Generals and the Nados, let alone the Mustangs just north, the Crusades and the yr we need to make sure solid teams with solid foundations get in.