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And......We're Back

Hey Folks:

As I mentioned, I will still be hanging around here checking in and lending your new host a bit of help from time to time. Apologies for the ugly look of the place the past few days/weeks. We've gotten things corrected and the banners, icons, and so on are back online.

I do stop in with one request: it's time to pay the rent around here again and I sure would appreciate it if some of you kicked in a few bucks to help out. It's 75 bucks a year to keep the place looking nice- have a huge searchable database of posts, the links and banners and icons, etc. It doesn't have to be much- it seems that as with most things at this level, a small number of people pull most of the weight. Please throw in a couple of bucks and as is the case every year, when we get to $75 bucks, I'll pull the plug and refund folks who contribute over and above that total- I'm not interested in making a dime- just in paying the rent.

The preferred method of contribution is payment by PayPal: send to

Thanks very much for your support.