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Re: playoffs

Dennis Morris
who has home field advantage through out the playoff's ?
crush in OH crusaders in IN crush in finals if they make it

If the Forces beat the Crush this weekend. The Crusaders would get home field in the Championship game if they make it. I think that is what Cam was talking about when he said "there are big games to determine the playoffs this weekend".

If the Force beat the Crush I will reveal who the shooter was on the grassy knoll.
I will pay for buses for the CRFL TEAMS next year
I will pay for the league championship to be played at a stadium
Gt the point I'm saying here the Force cannot beat the Crush and by the way the REVOLUTION WILL BEAT THEb CRUSADERS GUARENTEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: playoffs

I dnt normally do this but wat the hey lets have sum fun at it no disrespect to tha other teams but any way i think it will be the Cardinals vs the Force n the Championship the Cards defeat the defending Champs by 10 im just sayin