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Week 10 Prediction Channel!!! Never too late to Tailgate!!!

Ohio Crush @ Midwest Force (Kick-Off 4pm)

We have 8-1 'Thee' Ohio Crush traveling to Sidney, Ohio this weekend to take on the 5-4 Midwest Force. Be interesting what these teams will bring because both teams have secured their spots in the play-offs & this could be our Ohio Conference Championship game if the Midwest Force can knock off our well rested Tri-County "Virgin Kill'n" Raiders & the Crush can defeat the Fulton County "New Blood" Bengals.

What does these teams have to prove? 'Thee' Ohio Crush dreams of an undefeated season got "Crushed" last week by a under manned Delaware County Revolution team that is some how being held together by White Elmer's Glue (You know, the shit we use to eat back in elementary school & was supposedly made out of horses?) and the Midwest Force have not won a game since Week 6, & that was against Ohio Phoenix.

Both these teams have plenty to prove, plus people, this IS an Ohio South Division Rivalry & we need to see who has the bigger balls. 'Thee" Ohio Crushed are pissed about last week & are planning on demoralizing the Force to show the CRFL last week was a fluke & they are the "Real Deal"! The Midwest Force are the CRFL first & returning Champions & want to show the CRFL that they have what it takes to compete with the best!

My prediction for this weeks showdown, even though the Midwest Force will not have to deal with the distracting & gorgeous chain gang of the Crush (unless they travel, everybody needs volunteers!) I just don't think the Force will have what it takes to keep up with 'Thee" Ohio Crush! I see the Crush pulling starters @ halftime & #11 Carl "The Orange Dream" Christy calling plays from the headset in the second half. the way, is the Crush's Chain Gang for hire?

Crush 39
Force 18

Tri-City Spartans @ Miami County Blitz (Kick-Off 6pm)

The "Spartan Project" come into a big week needing a miracle to try & steal the home field advantage from the Indiana Cardinals. A Spartan win & an Indiana Cardinal loss to the Delaware County Revolution this week would put BOTH teams tied in the Indiana North Division @ 7-2 and we would have a SUDDEN DEATH game with Spartans @ Cardinals to finish out the "Mother Nature Calls" game that was rescheduled! This is more exciting then an entire season of 24! (not near as exciting as the Crush's chain gang though)

The Miami County Blitz is a whole different story. I have become to believe the Blitz are your TRUE "Weekend Warriors". You get out of it what you put in to it & I have grown to respect that. If the Blitz is happy with the way the Blitz has been, then I am happy too. #32 Nick "White Man Can't Jump" Reed told me, "It would be nice to get a win this week, but I just want to go out & have some fun & give'em hell!"

I actually think this is going to be a good game. Why? Because it is going to be a fun one! Both teams are coming out leveled headed, with nothing to lose, but enjoy the game & play football. Unfortunately for the Blitz, 15-17 guys won't pull the miracle upset against the "Spartan Project", but try not having a running clock & enjoy your last game of the year!

Spartans 35
Blitz 6

Indiana Cardinals @ Delaware County Revolution (Kick-Off 7pm)

Your Indiana Cardinals will lock in the Indiana North Division with home field advantage with a win this week with a win over the Delaware County Revolution, but I don't think this is going to come to easy. I have personally predicted the team in Black & Red to fold on several occasions & they just keep coming. The Delaware County Revolution is like having craps, you just can't get rid of them, and the Indiana Cardinals will see what I mean this weekend as they travel south to go into battle.

Although the Revolution already securing the fourth seed in the Play-Offs, they still will go into this game as if it was the CRFL Bowl. The Revolution, with players playing out of position, have their foot on the gas & the pedal to the floor. Why? Because they don't know any better, they just show up to play full steam ahead.

Your Indiana Cardinals have to win this to not just secure home field advantage, but to also prevent the SUDDEN DEATH SHOWDOWN "Mother Nature Calls" game scheduled for Labor Day Weekend from getting played. With this game being played out & with the Cardinals & the Spartans fighting for the #2 & #3 Seeds, they are going to have more matches this year than Lavander Holyfield & Mike Tyson!

Although the underdog, I am going to pull for the Delaware County Revolution to win this game. No offense Cardinals, I am all about the boys in red, but I have already started planning on attending the "Mother Nature Calls" game for Labor Day Weekend! (As long as it does not interfere with the New Old Timers Bluegrass Tour) Plus I always need an excuse to stop in Pierre's @ the Fort!

Revolution 20
Cardinals 17

Miami County Vipers @ Fulton County Bengals

The Miami County Vipers I now call the Miami County Lemmings. (bare with with this) Lemmings are a small mouse like rodent, generally grow only to 1-4 oz & never hibernate during the winter. Now, I am sure you all realize just how fast mice can reproduce, (having anywhere between 5-7 babies (they call them pinkies) every 21 days) when Lemmings population rises to high, off they migrate.

Driven by strong biological urges, Lemmings migrate in huge groups & they also can swim. Lemmings may choose to cross a body of water in search of a new habitat, sometimes even the ocean. In such cases, many may drown if the body of water is so wide as to stretch their physical capability to the limit. Alot of people refer this as a mass suicide.

As bad as an analogy Lemmings may be, it is the first thing that came to mind when I think of the Miami County Vipers. I feel bad for the Viper Players (not the organization) because all they were doing is exactly what they were bred to do, & that was to play football. It is no different than a Lemming going out & looking for a new home, doing what it was bred to, only ending in self destruction because it didn't know any better. Well, Viper Players didn't know any better either.

So I do wish the PAST Viper Players the best of luck & hope that they all find a home next year. As far as the Fulton County "New Blood" Bengals, I have reserved my seat on the Bengal Band Wagon (I actually reserved two, an extra incase a member of the Crush Chain Gang wants to join) & I am ready to see this CRFL Cinderella Story unfold!

Bengals 28
Lemmings 0

Jay County Panthers @ Crusaders

This Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! The Jay Coun.... ummmm, ....errrr, I mean, The Indianapolis Panthers are having their first, & maybe their only try-out!

Head Coach of the Panthers, Zeb Sutton, spoke last week regarding the try-out, "I expect a big turn out! I have received over 900 Highlight Films & planning on having over 200 players to be @ this weekends combine!"

Still not to late to register online @ indianapolis for only $50! Registration is $75 @ the door.

Combine is @ 10am @:
6601 Coffman Road
Indianapolis, In 46268

Re: Week 10 Prediction Channel!!! Never too late to Tailgate!!!

Good predictions but I see things a little different.

Crush 21 @ Force 28. Game of the week
With their head coach suspended for this game and suffering from their first loss I think the Crush will fall short of the win here.

Spartans 28 @ Blitz 0
Depending on what the Spartans decide to do and how many players show up from their team will determine how many points they score, but I don't see the disrespect other teams have shown to the blitz by running up the score.

Cards 14 @ Revolution 17
Revos have only lost one game at home this year and that was a close one until the last 2 minutes of the games. Cards I don't feel will play too hard, but a win for rhe Cards is critical but I don't see it happening.

And if I am not mistaken the Bengals and Pheonix are supposed to be making up a game this week.

Bengals over Pheonix 35-0. Jeff Meyers, we here at Supaland still send our prayers to you and your mother during this rough time.

Re: Week 10 Prediction Channel!!! Never too late to Tailgate!!!

I figured you would have the Revolution over the Cardinals, we both have them as close games, but the Force over the Crush? That would be probably one of the biggest upset of the year, but if the Head Coach is that critical to the operation of their offense, I can see it happening as well.

As far as the Fulton County "New Blood" Bengals vs Ohio Phoenix game. I am just going to stay away from that one, don't want to "Ruffle any Feathers".

I have also caught wind that the Spartans vs Cardinals "Mother Nature Calls" make up game will NOT happen regardless of whatever the outcome of the games are this weekend. Have you heard the same Yuppp?

Re: Week 10 Prediction Channel!!! Never too late to Tailgate!!!

I have heard the same thing. It doesn't make much sense, but reliable sources have told me that the Spartans and Cardinals both are too cheap to pay for the refs again lol. I think there is more to it then that but with the playoffs right around the corner both teams have to be wondering how to beat the other. It shall be interesting to see how it all plays out, then dont forget tailgater about the rumor of this so called merge between the two, is there a conspiracy for this season going on?? Just saying lol.

And as for the Force I think is hungry, actually starving for a victory. And this very well could be there last chance because the Raiders may upset them in the playoffs.

Re: Week 10 Prediction Channel!!! Never too late to Tailgate!!!

Crush Vs. Force

Coming of a loss to the Revolution i think the crush have figured out dont take any team lightly...Force has had a long time without a win but i dont think that win will come this weekend...crush 28-force 10

Cards Vs. Revolution
When exactly is the cardinals offense gonna ever show up in big games? They have the recievers but just like last year no one to get them the ball guess next year with talks of the merger that wont be an issue with DEE takin over the offense...Revo should be able to get the ground game goin with the Isoms on this number 1 defense i know their has been a lot of talk about #37 but the injury to #26 is going to play a big part in this defense trying to stop the run by far there most physical player...they have other backers but he is the heart of that D...
revolution 10- cards 0

Spartans Vs. Blitz
This game is a blow out in the making Spartans are very talented on offense...#17 & 28 are probably the best recievers in the league to go along with a veteran QB to get them the ball they have a decent running game and some hogs on the o-line...blitz started strong but the same ole blitz at the end you just cant compete with these atheletic teams with 15-20 players...
spartans 35 blitz 0

Re: Week 10 Prediction Channel!!! Never too late to Tailgate!!!

Bigg Dogg,

Thank you for the predictions, they are so much appreciated & I hope to be hearing more as we enter the Play-Offs! Controversial predictions just add that much more excitement to the game!


I know alittle more about this Spartan & Cardinal merge than I am really suppose too & I have sworn not to say. Question is, is the players going to be committed enough to drive the distance to add on to the "Spartan Project". Maybe the Cardinals can join forces with their neighboring team the Miami Blitz. The Blitz do have some great talented athletes, just not enough of them.

Re: Week 10 Prediction Channel!!! Never too late to Tailgate!!!

Tailgater, I don't see them merging with the Blitz. I see the them merging with the Spartans to create a powerhouse and dominate whatever league they go to. I think all around the Spartans are the most sound and have the most stable foundation the 574 has had in years. Coach Josh has truly worked his butt off to get things going and got big things happening. All he keeps telling me and his team is wait until next year. I am very fond of this team in every aspect and I think this is just the tip of the ice berg for them.

Tailgater, what city are you out of??

Re: Week 10 Prediction Channel!!! Never too late to Tailgate!!!

There is not a doubt in mind that this merge could happen, just not sure how well it will work.

When you take two teams full of starters & they merge as one, everyone thinks they should have the starting role. Its hard to sacrifice a long drive to practice & games & not be a starter & seeing limited to no game time. And naturally of course, the Cardinals will feel that the Spartans players will have favoritism whether it is true or not.

Yuppp, I will get in touch with you & good luck today!

Re: Week 10 Prediction Channel!!! Never too late to Tailgate!!!

Tailgater think about this, the Spartans have starters from the hurricanes, hitmen, shamrocks and warriors and there really isn't much of a problem from what i see, some crying here and there from players that don't know what they are doing, but the job gets done. The best player plays regardless of their history or who they are no matter what, thats what they did this year and its worked. I see it happening to be honest.

Re: Week 10 Prediction Channel!!! Never too late to Tailgate!!!

You guys also have to remember the history cory and courtney have with teams in the south bend and elkhart area grizzlies,stampede,shamrocks...they came in at the middle of the year the first year of the shamrocks when a team they were playin for folded...that shamrock team almost upset the dragons and went deep into the mid-states tourney beating some good teams and loosing a close game to a stacked michigan gator team...i think it has more to do with these two teams feeling comfortable with eachother and both teams respecting eachother and whenever cory decides to hang up his pads he and josh will make a damn good coaching combo.

Re: Week 10 Prediction Channel!!! Never too late to Tailgate!!!

Jay Young, Rumor on the streets is that you and Rick Tyke will be making a return next year with the Spartans, can you verify this?? I mean lets face it, you two weren't ready to hang it up anyways and have a couple years left. They say Rick is back in the gym conditioning and not body building. Again can you tell Supaland if this is at all true??

Re: Week 10 Prediction Channel!!! Never too late to Tailgate!!!

i really see this happening as both teams having low numbers this late into the season and a lot of both teams are friends with each other and see things working out as a powerhouse team in the crfl north no matter how the playoffs turn out this playoff season.

Re: Week 10 Prediction Channel!!! Never too late to Tailgate!!!

You Guys keep me informed. You all seem to know more about this than Corey,Courtney or Me.. Real Talk..