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Prayers for the Wildcats

Prayers for the WC Wildcats

Tragically lost a player last night in a shooting in TH.

Senseless acts of violence are plaguing this country.

RIP #37

Re: Prayers for the Wildcats

On behalf of all the owners, coaches, and players of the Crossroads Football League, our condolences go out to Dustin Kelly's Family, Friends and Wildcat Teammates. It is never easy to come to grips when a family member's life is taken suddenly from us. That is exactly what we are, all brothers in this life of football.

Just as we learned from Dave this year, like football, life is full of unknowns and risks. Times like this makes me cherish the opportunity I have to play and give time to the sport I love. God, you must be assembling one great team up there. Please take Dustin into your loving care, and fill his place here on earth with love and support for those around him.

John Jackson