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8-25 This Weekend in INSPF

Time is short. Rankings have not been submitted by 3 of 3 people ranking, so no update this week. Schedule and standings will be updated over Labor Day.

Game of the Week

Wildcats @ Wolfpack:
Another classic IFL billboard game that now carries an emotional tide. Life is too short and unpredictable. Enjoy each moment you can and play every play like it’s your last.


Generals (3-3) @ Raiders (6-0):
The Racine Raiders is near the pentacle of semi-pro football teams in nation. Oldest running, Check. Own field, Check. Lineup of D1 and former NFL players, Check. Beer Sales and rowdy fans, oh you bet. Generals a tip for you, don’t pay any attention to the fans behind you. And good luck, that is a long 5 hour drive home.

Threat (1-4) @ Nighthawks (1-4): All but out of the playoff picture, this Nighthawks team is playing for respect and the future.

Mustangs (4-2) @ Patriots (2-4): Last week’s explosion left many wondering how the rest of the season would go for the Mustangs. This week will go far in answering that question.

Buccaneers (2-4) @ Steelers (0-6): The Steelers have been playing games since early May and get have won a game. A self-made long season is 2 games away from being complete. I will say, you show up each and every game. Much Respect for that.


Crush (8-1) @ Force (5-4):
The Crush come back to earth after letting the undefeated season get to their heads. The Force come back to the field after a terribly disappointing lost against a Bengals team and week off. The Crush must win to host the championship their coach has promised to win, the Force have nothing to play for. Expect the Raiders to be in attendance, scouting.

Spartans (6-2) @ Blitz (3-6): The Spartans will travel light this weekend but will still get the job done. The Blitz are a quality team, with a quality facility, and an outstanding owner. They just need 10 more players.

Cardinals (7-1) @ Revolution (5-4): The Cardinals will be tested in traveling this weekend and they face an ever changing Revolution team. Even though not much will come out of this game as far as playoff seating goes, these two teams have a history of hard hitting games.