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Re: How bout those Indiana Generals

Bus fee
It's funny how everyone who talks shyt about the Generals never leaves their real name. Yes, They have struggled with many players leaving. Why did those players leave? Cuz the coach left? They have been in every game, I don't think they lost a game by more than 6 points. I just wish the bums talking shyt would leave their real name so we know what shytty team they play for.

Well let's see what we have in regard to past posting and history.
The Generals have worked the mighty Indianapolis Speedway, they have worked the mighty Indianapolis Indianas games, they have had no problems with sponsors this year now the question is how much money did everyone have to cough up to a certain somebody to ride the motor coach today to Wisconsin. With all the money they have brought in this season there should not have been any fee to ride the bus but anyone that knows will know that won't be the case.
Oh and don't worry they will make the playoffs their friends that run the league will find a away to get them in.
Just saying free statement

Question - Has there been any other post filled with more HATE??? Why does it matter? Rest easy my friend. Hating is what is wrong with the world today.