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Re: Post Season Tournaments

allstar tri spart 24
Can we get a combination of 3 or 4 teams to form one for this tourney

Unfortunately no. A tournament team is comprised of your regular season team and you may add 3-4 players to help round out your team. I've seen a few teams try to create "super" teams by adding an unreal amount of players and it never or rarely works. Last year, the Renegades added players from no less than 5 other teams and that didn't work for them. It happened to a couple teams in Michigan too. This tournament is more of a reward to extend the season for those that fought hard for your team all year and want to play a little longer.

Re: Post Season Tournaments

IF you added players to your team, and won could you boast that the 2012 Spartans won??? When it would have been the Spartans + team + team + team....BE REAL AND EARN YOUR SHIT!