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Re: crfl show respect

Damnit. Eye swear some of you have the brains of a second grader. Read, think, respond. As a matter of fact, if you don't understand it, read it again. Stop mindlessly opening your mouths. Three things. One. Eye totally understand the position to not make Mr. Coleman's death a publicity stunt for the CRFL. To this Eye say, good on you Mr. Jackson for not GRANDSTANDING. Two. Very classy to name your league's championship trophy after him. Eye mean, what else can you really do in a tragic situation such as this. Three. Did you all truly read that article? Truly understand the Outside The Lines piece? Eye personally had issue with how it was written. It told a story, however, it stabbed at the heart of all that have play, and love this level of football. Eye also think the OTL story made this level of football look pointless. You know what, maybe it some! Eye tell you what though, ESPN doesn't know my heart, your heart, our families heart. They may think it is pointless, but it is what WE DO! SAYS EYE!