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OTL and Semi Pro Football

After watching OTL and reading the comments at the bottom, I figured I would click the link someone posted to this board. There is a lot of negativity on this board that does not represent Semi Pro football as a whole. You are now in a National spotlight between the airing of the show and the link to this board in the comment section below it. While you don't represent the whole Semi Pro community, some will see this as the way all teams and leagues are ran. That is not the case. It is up to you to decide how to represent your teams and league. But for anyone else who manages to come here from OTL, I can assure you that not all teams and leagues are ran this way. Good luck in your future endeavours.

Re: OTL and Semi Pro Football

I just wanted to reshare footage from the same game ESPN was at. Our YouTube channel is Alanifaith and the direct link to that game is ...this team is a team full of men that love the game! ESPN didn't share what direction they were going with the story. Spartans, you all have worked too hard...Focus on the future!