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Lets hear ideas for Improvement

The last few days have been a shell shocking disgrace on our community.

Lets move on beyond the blame game and lets find solutions.

How would you improve semi-pro ball in this area?

Re: Lets hear ideas for Improvement

Ear has been listening. Ear has heard. Ear will now speak.

Trying to stay positive here:

#1 Whether it's the IFL or CRFL - dont let teams join up simply because they ask to. Anyone can fill out an application, doesn't mean everyone is qualified to get the part. Ear read the other day of a team that is starting up on Facebook. After reading, the 'owner' stated he couldnt go to the game because he didn't have gas money to get there. Can't afford gas but are going to run a semi-pro team? PEOPLE - you cant simply design a jersey and call yourself the Rockets and be successful. It takes more than that.

#2 Hold better standards as far as rules go. Rules are put in place for a reason. No violence tolerance policy. You fight, you are DONE!

#3 Have each league honor the contracts of teams from other leagues. Unless a team has folded, a player can't sign with one team from the CRFL, and get mad like a little baby and go play for a team in the IFL. Hold players to some sort of loyalty system. If teams 'load' up and be snakes and go recruit players from other teams, fine them.

#4 CRFL and IFL should MERGE - Raise your criteria for acceptance into the league and gain some sort of respect back into INSPF.

#5 ALL INSPF MEMBERS - ACT LIKE ADULTS. We all have families and lives. THIS IS A GAME. If you can't act like a decent member of our society....then BEAT IT!

That's all Ear has.

Ear is Out