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Re: crusaders haters

I actually doubt it is more lucrative but I wouldn't know. How dare you insult people that actually do have a job working in the food industry...I am sure those people did not have that in their lifes plans, but at least those people are not sitting on their asses collecting tax payer handouts.

My original post was about Football and the Ass holes with nothing better to do but get on here and run their mouth. I was just stating my opinions about that. How this turned into my opinion about welfare and the fast food industry is because some jerk off wants to make a comment about my education.

You really don't have a legitimate comment about my post because everything that was said is true.

Line em" up.......Time to put up or shut up.
Yall know what's on the line.....
One mission on our mind.....One battle at a time
The definition of a Champion is what's laying on the line.

Re: crusaders haters

The season will end for the Marion County Crusaders on Saturday September 8th and I for one will be glad.
It will also mark the end to all the chest pounding and proclaiming of NUMBER 1
The funny thing is these guy probably could have won the ship, could have went unbeaten and could have hosted the ship.
The only thing to keep them from that is the fact they think the game is played on this board, hell they can't even get enough players to practice to have practice even the quarterback refused to come on Thursday of last week because he didn't want to drive to Indy yep saw it in a facbook post what a reason and this is supposed to be a team leader can anyone else say JOKE.
Champions are made not something that you get without hard work and committment and thankfully after Saturday we will not hear anymore from the Crusaders well I take that back of course they will be crying about how the refs screwed them but hey what do you expect.

Re: crusaders haters

And for the record, I did drop out of high school.

Re: crusaders haters

Another example of a failed education.

Actually, it's sad to say, but that post was one of the better written ones that I've read all season. Word usuage, spelling, and even grammar were all done fairly well, if you take into account that it intentionally uses more colloquial dialect. You're fault is in assuming that because it's in all caps and because it didn't sound prim and proper it was written poorly. Read Mark Twain. Not much difference between the two. He claims that he dropped out of school? Well, I've got to applaude him for his writting skills because, to be honest, they were quite good, even if it was written in a layman format.

To be fair, most of us are a bunch of idiots and play ball rather than write properly but even this is something a junior high kid could critique


But I guess when other idiots give you props you deserve it.