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You can't use this league as a example of the whole world of Adult Amatuer Football (Semi-Pro). Just looking at the message board they use, , says alot about them. There are many quality leagues that are well ran and organized. This one is not one of them.

A few minutes into this report I got sick to my stomach, it seems like ESPN picked some of the worst this level has to offer and with an agenda in mind reported on a league that seems to be poorly run, and teams that run purely on chaos....I am not sure what I am more upset about, ESPN for reporting it or that league for allowing their name to be smeared like they did, with players who for some reason they need to measure their $@%!$ on a sports network and show only how stupid and simple minded he is.

Bunch of dummies.. Hangup the cleats. Semi Pro my @ss

This is what ESPN and the NFL wants the world to think that everyone at this level is a joke, they have done several of these in the past and every time they show some talentless 47 yr old bum, I would love for them to once profile the real powerhouses of Minor League football ..

Next time you speak Zartman I'll copy over some comments from youtube - they are far worse then this. You have severely damaged semi-pro in this state for years to come.


No big deal. Who cares what they think. Hell you probably made all those comments.


No big deal. Who cares what they think. Hell you probably made all those comments. Here is the link to the show and you look down at the bottom you will see all the comments that was made from people from around the Semi-Pro world. That story did hurt the Semi-Pro world and that is what ESPN wanted to do. They don't want people to stop paying $80.00 tickets and go see a Semi-Pro game for $5.00 and have a lot more fun doing it. So all they can do is bash us. Most of us love and play the game the way it is to be played. (Not trying to hurt someone else) We all have family's and have to work to make a living. So why would you want to hurt someone? Let's stop acting like little kids and start being the men that we are. Stop all the talking and fighting there is no room in football for that!


I think my favorite part was when the guy in the red uniform was laying on the ground and his team mate said "get your ass up man". LOL


I think a lot of you have missed the point that OTL was making about semi pro football! It was never intended to promot semi pro footbal. It was meant to further show case the results of playing football. Obviously the truth hurts a lot of you guys feelings. Semi Pro is what they called it. Football at its most primitive form. You have had ppl dying because of football. weither your talking about the late David Coleman or cases such as JR. Seau. The piecce was supposed to put fear in playing the sport on this level, cause wheither you want to admit it or not, the risks out way the rewards. I don't say this to knock the cats out there playing for the truest passion of the game, this is for you dumb fucks that have no business being a part of football on any level that do make it look bad. When the rule states you gotta pay to play, there is no half stepping. Meaning who are you kidding if you went and bought youth helments & shoulder pads, who are you kidding when you ask you high school coach for an out dated helment, who are you kidding when you get knocked silly and return right away to action...........nobody but yourself. I just warn you frauds and cheap bastards, that things are going to get real, so you might as well stop bitching because you got exsposed on national tv and simply prepare for your retirement. YA dig?