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Re: John Jackson

I have been doing some thinking ladies and gents. Maybe Tailgater i right. Maybe we all need to thank John Jackson for running the CRFL and running a top notch league website for the CRFL. John has taken some harsh blows this season, some of the stuff he had no control over but was still at the ass end of the deal. Most things he has handled very well, a few things were questionable. But why must we all look at the negative things that happened rather than the positive. He attempted to save the IFL next year that shows he cares about semi-pro as a whole and not just his league or team. He was fast to react to the Dave Coleman accident. He tried to get a league vs league all star game but the other league declined. He did this to show that there is enough talent in his league to compete with any other league. Yet we want to scrutinize him over small ignorant stuff.?

Ask yourself, what is semi-pro, then ask yourself what makes it possible. Let me tell you, it is the people that bust their asses to run a league, to spend days working out a schedule, to deal with all the BS us grown men create and to do it all for free. It is the the board members of the leagues that make this all happen so we as players, coaches and teams have a place to live out our dreams. To be able to play one more down on the gridiron we love so much, to score one more touchdown, make one more sack and for some people to just make one more memory of that year you played for a team. We all chase dreams in this sport whether it be to move on to a higher level or to win a championship, in the end it is still a dream we are trying to achieve made possible by men and women like John Jackson who run a league for free and spend hour upon hours to try to make it run as smoothly as possible just so our dreams can come true.

So my question is why do you put him under direct fire and bash him and his name when he does all this extra work for nothing, not even as much as a thank you? I do not want any negative comments on this because fact is this, if anyone leaves a negative comment on this you show lack of respect for the game period. I don't care if people agree with me or not on this post, this man still deserves credit and respect for what he has done good for this league. May God bless everybody and thank you to all the commissioners and vps out there who give the chance for all of us to have or dreams come true, Thank you.

Just because I want to bash your comment does not make me disrespect the game. Football is God's greatest creation. I personally feel that John Jackson the player AND John Jackson the commish are two different people. Mr. Jackson puts HIMSELF in the line of fire by being commish. If you can't handle it, step down. Nature of the beast. Do I think he has done a good job as Commish of the CRFL....Yes - even though I hate most of the teams in the CRFL for lacking a spine and letting thuggish behavior continue. Do I think he has done a good job as a player - NO. Crusaders dug their own grave for their reputation a long time ago and may never be able to dig themselves out to be respectable. John Jackson the player helped dig that grave.

You can look at the positives but MUST also look at the negatives. Like mamma always said, you can't have the sweet stuff until you eat your veggies. We are all judged by what we do as a whole, not only by the positives we have done.

Re: John Jackson

He's dead on guys. If any one of you has ever held a job where you're responsible for other people, working with them or managing them, then you know that it's a hell of a lot harder than it looks. It takes time, effort, and patience to make things work well, and that's only for simple, small atmosphere jobs like supervisor positions and business managers.

JJ has to deal with 10 teams across 2 states. He has to create a working schedule for them all, ensure that they have fields to play on, schedule referries and police, keep 2-3 websites updated, and ensure that all of the rankings and stats get inputted properly. He has to mediate disputes between team owners, hold votes over rulings, and figure out how to deal with other on-the-spot situations. All this with a brand new league that doesn't have the luxury of having past instances or traditions to fall back on. As one of the most experienced people running the show, he also gets a flood of questions from owners and potential owners on how to create teams, finance them, find sponsors, get fields, attract coaches, manage money, ect., ect.

People also want to give him flak over playing on a team that is part of his league. But here's the thing: almost every decision that gets made in the league is voted on by owners, NOT the commisioner. He's pretty much just a figure head that keeps the circus running. When the Crusaders and the Spartans had a fight at the beginning of the season he had no say in what happened because A.) he was on the team, so the VP took responsibility for the proceedings, and B.) the owners voted on what punishments they were going to give out. The commisioner had nothing to do with any actions that followed. So in all honesty, the commisioner playing on a team doesn't do jack squat to help the team out. The owners playing on it have far more of an impact.

So the only that that leaves is that some people personally hate him. Well, for every 10 people that get on this site and bitch about JJ, only 1 of them ACTUALLY KNOWS HIM. Most people that I've heard complain about him all have reasons like, "Well, my friend has this friend that said JJ is an asshole." Really? You heard something negative from someone that doesn't like someone else? That shit must be true then! Here's an idea, why don't you guys actually get to know him before you badmouth him? I'm not saying JJ is perfect. Hell, he's a complete, uncaring asshole at times that will burn bridges without a second thought, and then wonder why everything fell apart around him. Trust me, I should know. But he's also a hell of a guy when his head isn't up his own ass and has a passion for football that allows him to do great things such as create and manage a league.

People who give JJ shit often do it because it's a hell of a lot easier to blame someone else for their shortcomings than it is to fix them themselves. He rigs games through the referies? He doesn't even hire them. They get hired through a reffing service apart from him. Maybe your team just didn't play well. Maybe YOU didn't play well. Work harder to fix that. He cheats for his team to win? Watch the films. If the refs are giving bad calls all-around, then it's not him. Again, it's you and your team that lost to a team that could work together and exicute better than you. He throws punches and fights during the games? Every game someone claims this. NEVER has anyone actually posted visual evidence. It's only lies and hearsay. He's racist? Please, talk to any of the black coaches on his team, or the black players, or the black friends that he has that play for other teams and try to make that claim again. Maybe he's not racist. Maybe you're just an asshole and he wouldn't put up with it?

Long story short, JJ has done more in one year to allow almost 500 men the chance to play football than what almost anyone out there on these forums has EVER done to promote this sport. You all want to have the chance to play and the chance to win the championship, but what have any of the JJ haters done to make that happen? Which one of you has actually put in the time and effort and energy outside of your normal 40hr a week jobs to establish and run a league? Which one of you has spent an extra 2-5 hours a night on the phone or over the internet to work with all the team owners to ensure things run smoothly?

Unless if you have a named arguement against him directly, just shut the hell up. And even if you do have a specific arguement to fuel your hatred, be a man and bring it up with him in person. Don't bitch over the internet about it, especially if you are currently enjoying playing in the league that he helped set up and runs.

Any man can complain that the world sucks. How many of you have actually done something about it to make it better? JJ has by allowing us a league to play football in and have something to enjoy in our lives. That alone deserves a hell of a lot of respect.

Re: John Jackson

@ JJ supporter that was well said. It takes a person committed and passionate about what he does to pull off what JJ has done with the CRFL.
He has made it possible for hundreds of young men and even some old men to be bale to play football in an organized league with a great set of rules and by-laws.
He has worked hard to see to it that everything gets done that needs to be done. Most people complaining about him are from teams who lost players to the CRFL and now couldn't win a game if their opponet didn't show up.
People like JJ and some others who I will not mention becuse if they are there are some who will bash them as well and the just seems to be the Law of semi pro football these days bash everyone you can, use their groundwork to build on and claim it for yourself and never give credit to those responsible for success.

Re: John Jackson

John Jackson stop making up names and posting your books on Supafan! Notice not one of your "supporters" even associate their name with you! We all get YOU think you're doing a great job! LOL

Re: John Jackson

I for one, do not have to post my name, cause you all know me by Coach Mom. I have read all these post against JJ, and I shake my head that people can get on here and be so vicious, hateful, and just plain vile against a person. JJ, has spent his time building this league, CRFL,into what could have been a very good league. We have rules and by-laws in our league that were put in place for all teams to follow. But when these rules and by-laws are enforced, and you do not like the outcome, it's always JJ's fault, when really it's the owners and/or players fault that these infractions were made in the first place. With JJ, being the commissioner of this league, he does not even have voting rights.The owners are the only ones that have the voting rights. I am proud to have my team be a part of the CRFL. The people that give the CRFL a bad name are you that get on here and bash the league that you know nothing about. You bash the owners of the team, you bash the players and you bash the commissioner. I do not care who is the best league, IFL,CRFL,MSFL.The only thing that was important to me and my players is that they had a league to play on. My players played, because they wanted to play football.JJ, did not get paid for doing this job, and I don't see anybody willing to step up and take his place. If any of you think you can do better than what JJ has done, then step up. People have talked about every commissioner from Earl, Wayne, and now JJ. No one can run the league to your liking. Well, the season is almost over. Step up and see if you can do a better job. I myself think JJ has done an excellent job. I would have told you all where to go a long time ago. Thanks JJ, for at least trying to run a top notch league.
Coach Mom

Re: John Jackson

Let's not forget JJ was one of the people who criticized Earl the most. Now the show is on the other foot.

Re: John Jackson

Wow to use my name is epic. I guess everybody really does want to me like me. The last person on this post was not me and is an epic failure to society.