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Re: User Beware

How the hell do you hire a this piece of shit to manage a low level indoor and he cant even help run 3 outdoor teams. An he is already part owner of this new outdoor team for next season. Come on now, your degree is from Sanford Brown. I know they ass ain't making true Jerry Jones out there. The true owner of this team needs to think about this. An tryouts, smh. Seems like to me they have already signed nothing but hot heads. The ones who talk all the shit about the team but don't show up to practice or away games. Fail Season...NIP THAT SHIT

Re: User Beware

The G.M. is a super nice guy, but he has a work ethic of a couch potatoe. How does that translate to success? And their first signees are James Sharp And Antonio Tiggs??? All three of them came from a team that folded, partly because they LEFT. I been to a few Generals and Nighthawks games. Sharp has NO HEART and takes himself out of the game constantly. Tiggs....ARE YOU SERIOUS! THIS IS THE BEST CORNER YOU CAN FIND? He was playing for the 1-6 Nighthawks and not even CLOSE to the best player on their team, not their best defender, hell not even the best corner. THIS PANTHER TEAM IS ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY -


Dont waste your time. $12 for tickets to watch these clowns? Are u kiddin? Charging for tryouts where they already got their 'BUDDIES'. BUDDY BALL! BEWARE OF THE RIP OFF!