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CRFL Wildcard Weekend!!! Trucks & Chains Excite Me!!!


Tri-City Spartans @ Indiana Cardinals

Our Wild Card Weekend is starting with the "Bad Boys of South Bend" traveling to the the Fort to take on the Indiana Cardinals. These two teams have a good rivalry, although not as fierce as the one between the Spartans & the Crusaders. Both teams had their share of ups and downs this season, but this game is leaving me wondering which team is going to show up, because BOTH these teams lost to under manned, & under dogs, in Week 10.

I think this game comes down to the battle of the quarterbacks. The "Spartan Project" comes with #9 Dee "I am a All-Star" Peters versus the Indiana Cardinal's Rookie, #12 John "Pony Boy" Jones. These two guys are going to make or break this game, just which one is coming into this match up mentally prepared? Instead of partying Friday Night doing Karaoke singing "Superstition" or staying up late watching Sammy Terry, these guys need to fall asleep early watching Any Given Sunday or the Program, and wake up fresh & ready to go!

As bad as I hate to say this, & even though I have Dee "I am a All-Star" Peters on my Fantasy Team, after losing to the 3-6 Miami Blitz, there is just no way I can pick the "Spartan Project" to win. I love what Josh Tavernier has done with this first year team, but still, it is a first year team.

Coach Mom will have her boys ready to do battle & Rookie #12 John "Pony Boy" Jones prevails...

Cardinals 28
Spartans 20

Delaware County Revolution @ Marion County Crusaders

I might just have to go to this game, because this game is going to be just flat out ugly! When I say ugly, I don't mean that in a non-football kinda way, because there will be plenty of football to watch, but these two teams absolutely hate each other. But who likes the Crusaders anywayz?

That's right, the emotions are going to flare & I hope the security is present. But what more do you want out of a Saturday Night, with the exception of 'Thee' Ohio Crush Chain Gang.

This match-up reminds me of Rocky 5, when Rocky ends up taking on Tommy "The Machine" Gunn in the streets @ the end of the movie. You have one team, the Crusaders, who have it all & thinking they are setting on top of the world. They are happy go lucky, we are 9-1, & we have to only practice once a week.

The Revolution however, has fought as much diversity as a team can face in a single season. Lost Coaches, lost players, both Offensive & Defensive Captains got suspended & have absolutely nothing to lose going into this bout, just like Rocky, when he laid out Tommy Gunn in the middle of the street in downtown Philadelphia!

"Heart & Fire, Heart & Fire...That's how winning is done" ~ Rocky Balboa

Well my heart & my wallet are both with the "Italian Stallions" in this week's Heavy Weight bout. I think the Crusaders have lost their hunger & just ain't mentally prepared for the "Third Round". One & done for the Crusader's I say....

Tailgater predicts a Knock Out!

Revolution 24
Crusaders 18


Midwest Force @ Tri-County Raiders

One of the biggest questions that bettors face week to week in a NFL season is how they should treat teams coming off their bye weeks. Every team's season is broken up with one week off during the year, and trying to judge how a team is going to perform after that break can be very challenging. Indeed, there are a number of different factors to consider here, and ultimately, you'll have to make some case by case judgment calls as opposed to blanket statements or strategies.

What many people are surprised about at first is that different teams fare very differently after bye weeks than one another. Ultimately, it depends on the quality of the team and how good they are, but it also depends on the quality of the coaching staff and how well that staff can game plan, and use their time accordingly to get their team ready.

In the last 10 NFL seasons, for example, the Baltimore Ravens and the Philadelphia Eagles are both 8-2 against the spread in games after their bye weeks. That's a phenomenal record, and it showcases two teams who are very talented, with two coaching staffs that do a great job game planning and making the most out of their talents.

Of course, for every team that goes 8-2 in the NFL in any category, there's another that likely goes 2-8. In terms of success or failure after bye weeks, those teams as of late have been the Oakland Raiders and the Buffalo Bills. Both of those teams are 2-8 against the spread after their bye weeks in the last 10 seasons. The common themes there are basically that those two teams have been generally very poor over that time period. They have had revolving doors at head coach, and haven't won much at all, whether it's before or after the bye, or any other time. That's a major factor that you have to consider, and it's how good the team is to begin with.

This brings me to the Tri-County "Virgin Killer" Raiders. Although they are 6-4, Champions of the Ohio North Division, lets us just analyze the Raiders accomplishments this season.

The Raiders have technically just played eight games, in which their record would be 5-3. Let's start out with the loses.

WEEK 1 = Cardinals @ Raiders 26-0 loss
WEEK 2 = Crush @ Raiders 35-0 loss
WEEK 4 = Raiders @ Force 18-8 loss

The teams that the Raiders have lost to have a combined record of 21-8. Ok, lets talk about the wins now...

JULY 4 = Phoenix @ Raiders 0-55 win
WEEK 4 = Bengals @ Raiders 18-38 win
WEEK 5 = Raiders @ Phoenix 6-44 win
WEEK 6 = Blitz @ Raiders 0-42 win
WEEK 7 = Bengals @ Raiders 12-28 win

The teams that the Raiders have won against have a combined record of 7-22. So when I say, "One of the biggest questions that bettors face week to week in a NFL season is how they should treat teams coming off their bye weeks", well what if they have a total almost 5 weeks off? Do you realize that the Raiders have not played football in 35 days! And the Raider organization thought it was a good idea to FORFEIT their WEEK 9 game in Lakeville, Indiana against the Tri-City Spartans.

Why? ...because you locked up the Ohio North Division? ...because your team is so fined tuned playing against 17 to 20 man teams you didn't need the practice? ...because South Bend is just too far for you to drive? You not only robbed your own players of playing time & an opportunity for you to practice & coach against a REAL competitor, you robbed the "Spartan Project" players of playing time as well. Forcing the Spartans into a BYE week might just be why they lost to the Blitz. It's called "The Ripple Effect" when your actions affect everyone & everything around you. So how are you going to perform after 35 days off?

Midwest Force WILL win this game while the Raiders will be left picking the cob webs out. Good bye Raiders, way to end YOUR season....

Force 30
Raiders 8

Fulton County Bengals @ Ohio Crush

This is the hardest game for me to call! Why? Because I love these two teams! We have 'Thee' Ohio Crush that not only has the gorgeous Official Ohio Crush Chain Gang, but they #11 Carl "The Orange Dream" Christy which is fun to watch as well. Then we have the Fulton County "New Blood" Bengals that are looking to be the Cinderella Story of the CRFL.

"Cinderella Story" refers to a team or player who advances much further in a tournament or career than originally anticipated. You take a team that has only won a single game all season, & with alittle help with alot of luck, somehow, someway, squeeze themselves into the Play-Offs to take on the number one seed, Ohio South Divison Champions, the 9-1 'Thee' Ohio Crush!

Does everyone remember that trick where you would go up to your friend, point quickly to his shirt right in the middle of their chest & ask, "Hey, What's That?" Natural your friend will look down & with an open hand, you jerk up & slap them under the chin & say, "Gotcha Ya!"

As general as it may seem, this is a perfect example of "Element of Surprise". This is how I describe the Fulton County "New Blood" Bengals, they are the "Element of Surprise" & unfortunately for 'Thee' Ohio Crush, they will be the Bengal's victims.

Now, now, Crush, before you lose your love for the Tailgater, let me explain. Probably the most famous example of "Element of Surprise" is Pearl Harbor.

The Japanese practiced and prepared carefully for their attack on Pearl Harbor. They knew their plan was extremely risky. The probability of success depended heavily on "Element of Surprise".

Sunday mornings were a time of leisure for many U.S. military personnel at Pearl Harbor. Many were either still asleep, in mess halls eating breakfast, or getting ready for church.

On the Sunday morning of December 7, 1941, the Japanese launched a surprise air attack on the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. After just two hours of bombing, more than 2,400 Americans were dead, 21 ships* had either been sunk or damaged, and more than 188 U.S. aircraft destroyed.

The Bengals have almost added 25 players to their Roster. The talent level of this team can not be for seen. Only facts we have going into this is they put 38 offensive points against the Midwest Force that you beat 24-14.

What are the Bengals strengths? What are the Bengals weaknesses? What is the size & speed of these added players & their overall talent level? There is just too many unanswered questions in which give the Fulton County Bengals the "Element of Surprise".

Even though it seems the Bengals have been planning this for awhile, or atleast since the Week 5 Roster Deadline, do I think its fair? Not @ all. I personally would not want to be a part of this team. I defiantly would not want to win a Championship with this team. It just wouldn't feel right. I have to be with a team, that has built itself a foundation, with it's players, coaches, fans & Chain Gang, just like 'Thee' Ohio Crush. I do hope, that these 4 weeks that the "New Blood" Bengals have had off, has caused these new "add-on additions" to lose interest in their new family, because... well, just that, they are not family!

Crush, you deserve to win this week, just I believe the "Element of Surprise" COULD BE just too much to handle. (Notice I said "Could Be")

Good Luck Crush!

Bengals 34
Crush 28

Re: CRFL Wildcard Weekend!!! Trucks & Chains Excite Me!!!

Well Tailgater, our predictions differ quite a bit this week, here are mine:

Crush vs Bengals
This should be a very interesting game. The Bengals finished strong in their season after another team joining them. I think Bowers and company will take it though. They are determined to make a name for themselves this year.
Crush take this one 28-14 in a 4th quarter victory.

Raiders vs Force
Who would have ever thought the Raiders would accomplish 6 victories this year but they did. Last time they went head to hear the Force forced 18 points down their throat and won by ten. I think this game will be a different tune sang.
Raider clinch this game at ease with the Forces increasing down fall 21-10

Cardinals vs Spartans
No rain this time. This is going to be the hardest hitting game of the week. Question is though, will the Spartans travel well? Previously they haven't but it is playoff time. And what is the deal with the Cardinals, last week of the season the played the Revos and suffered a loss only taking 20 some players.
In the end though I see the Spartans pulling off this victory 35-13

Revolutions vs Crusaders
Another interesting match up. These two teams have their history. Both times they played both teams said cheap shots were delivered to each other. With this being go big or go home it could get really heated really quick. From my understand both teams are suffering from low numbers and the game really could go either way.
Revos take this one in overtime 10-7

Re: CRFL Wildcard Weekend!!! Trucks & Chains Excite Me!!!

Yeah, I can't believe we are that far off, not only who will win, but the scores too!

You have proven your crystal ball is better than mine, so I will have to give you the advantage in this one. I am really drawing straws on which one to go & watch. ....wonder if the Crush is having a bonfire afterwards?

Can't wait to see how these games pan out!

Re: CRFL Wildcard Weekend!!! Trucks & Chains Excite Me!!!

Crush said after the game there with be a hog roast and bonfire. Sounds like a good pick there. And my crystal ball has been a little cloudy lately, so i polished it and I am hoping I am seeing more clear now. Make sure you get some pics with the Ohio Crush Chain Gang if you go lol.

Re: CRFL Wildcard Weekend!!! Trucks & Chains Excite Me!!!

Before I make the long haul to watch the Bengals @ Crush, if I can get some type of guarantee from the Crush Organization that the Official 'Thee' Ohio Crush Chain Gang will be in full effect, & I can find someone to roll with me, I might just very well do that. I been dying to try one of those Orange Drinks anywayz.

Matter of fact, I will even help with the chains & do some Bill Belichick "Spy Gate" action for the Crush!

Re: CRFL Wildcard Weekend!!! Trucks & Chains Excite Me!!!

Whats the time of the cards game

Re: CRFL Wildcard Weekend!!! Trucks & Chains Excite Me!!!

4:00 kickoff Cardinals and Spartans and there are supposed to b thunderstorms. Its raining in the Fort now.

Re: CRFL Wildcard Weekend!!! Trucks & Chains Excite Me!!!

listen here with your dumbass predictions i hope you do come to the CRUSADER game bitch so you see wats gonna happen. 24 18 my nut sack you queer bait. they wont score once C NATION ALLDAY ERYDAY we practice 2 times a week and fuck your mom every friday bitch predict that!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yea talk is cheap but yo momma cheaper we flip that hoe ery friday

Re: CRFL Wildcard Weekend!!! Trucks & Chains Excite Me!!!

crush won 41 to zip on comntinous clock...bengals are a class act and played hard congrats on the playofs #oc 15